Cant do links?! (Do i have a chance)

How far can i get online not being able to do links. I’ve played about 150+ games and have only won 7 games. I really like the game but im not seeing myself making any progress. I can barely pull off anyone’s combos in trial mode. How far can i get with just using normal , specials and canceling.

I’m assuming you are speaking of Super Street Fighter 4: AE
kusiro honda plays without many combos, but uses his normals to the fullest, and is a top Honda player.
Ryu/Guile can zone the whole game and do very well also.

You can play a lot of characters without using their basic Hitconfirms at a reasonable level.
You can also accept that this game (whichever you’re playing, I’ll just assume SF4) takes a while to learn (espec if you don’t have any FG experience). It’s normal.

Cool! so i can work around not be able to do links and still play decent. It’s just some of the people that destroy me usually pull off crazy long high damaging combos that i cant seem to get out of and i was begging to think that was the only pro way to play.

Well, when those player do those “long combos” they usually hitconfirm the hell out of you and learn what their character can do in certain situations. Some player even bait you and you don’t even notice. I think the best thing you can do is just be a patient player. How can they do those long ass combos if they can’t hit you? That’s the mindset that helped me out when i started out.

Everyone can do them if you put their mind to it.

Stop giving up so easily and just grind a bit in practice mode - you might surprise yourself.

You can get very far with not being able to do links. Imo, being able to do advanced combos are the least important aspect of SF gameplay. It’s far more important that you learn the fundamentals of SF, and learning to create opportunities to do damage while minimizing your opponent’s advantages. As long as you can do a basic 3-hit bnb combo, that’s enough to beat your opponents, as long as you know to outplay them.

Link combos feel impossible when you’re just starting. Once you’ve spent a couple dozen hours in training mode grinding them out, you’ll find out they’re not so impossible after all.

Still, having strong fundamentals is more important than being able to execute big combos, because in the end, those fundamentals are what give you the chance to land big combos. Lots of people online just try to jump in and do their favourite combo on you. If your antiairing is on point, you will win for free without landing anything but single hits or maybe a two hit fireball combo (If you’re playing Ryu).

However, if you really want to compete with the best, then you will need strong fundamentals AND the ability to pull off combos when needed. They need not be the fanciest combos, but being able to do big damage off a single hit is important, since at the highest level you won’t get that many opportunities to land hits. If you really can’t do combos (most will learn if they just practice), your zoning, spacing and reading skills need to be extremely good to compensate.

While you’re grinding out your combos in training mode, use online fights to solidify other aspects of your game: blocking, teching throws, using normals and fireballs, antiairing, spacing, and whiff punishing

Practice mode is where you learn the game. Any other mode, online or not, is where you show off what you’ve learned.

Or you could practice more.

Top players who don’t use many combos and still win are not a good example because those people usually have a godly level of fundamental knowledge and getting to that level is 100X harder for a beginner than learning basic combos.

Critical question:
What is the longest period of time you practice execution in training mode without stopping?

Also trial mode combos are stupid, go to the character forums or youtube and find some simple practical combos to practice.

How long does it take to actually learn links? at the most i would practice about 45 min to an hour is one sitting. How long did it take you guys to learn links to the point that you can pull them off consistently in a match.

@OP: if your goal is solely to perform well online and be ranked highly, you do not need links.

If your goal is to learn the game, improve, and kick lots of ass, links are slightly more necessary (though not needed for every character).

Chun-Li is a good example of a character who can perform well without “long” combos (putting that in quotes because it’s relative). If you can hit anti-airs and pokes as well as some super/ultra/special punishes, you’ll be fine. If you want to really step it up and be a tippy-top-top-tip-top-tip player, learning links is important.

I’ve been doing an hour a night
If you’re relatively new to the game you basically need to learn them twice in my experience, once in training mode training mode to get the timing down and again in actual matches where you don’t get to choose so freely when you start your combo and there is a closing window.

I also forgot to ask because I was on my phone and rushing but how often do you practice?
You have to let the timing for the links and combos sink into your muscle memory which is more about repetition over time than just putting in one long session. I have been grinding out Saiki combos every night this week in KOF and combos that took 20 tries on Monday are coming out out with no problem today because I don’t have to think about them anymore. You have to get to the point where your hands know the combos so your brain can worry about other things, like how to land a hit and what to do after the combo ends.

There was talking on the Blanka forums about a high level player called “Mizoteru”. People were wondering how he manages to do so well with Blanka without even being able to do walking electricity (standard Blanka pressure tool that requires you to do 5 button presses in about 10 frames). The answer is just that he has really good fundamentals. So to answer you question, you don’t need superb execution to do well at the game. Ironically though, Mizoteru is good at doing link combos.

To learn link combos, don’t focus on the actual hits. Try to learn the rhythm behind the combo. After that it’s like tapping your foot to the beat of a song (well, not that simple, but you get the idea). Once you learn a particular rhythm it develops into muscle memory, and the only time you really need to focus on doing it is in abare situations. For example, if you do a crouch tech in anticipation of a throw but the opponent actually gets hit by your crouch tech, you will want to be able to hit-confirm that and convert it into a bigger combo.

As for how long it takes, well that’s just up to the individual and how much practice you put into it.

Actually, it is that simple :shy:

Unfortunately metronome training doesn’t work well with links that you actually need to confirm (Ryu SPS, cr.hp - the SPS can hit at any time during the active frames) or delay (certain link combos after jump ins have different timing on different chars because of how the game handles inputs during landing frames).

In any case though, that vid is a good example of how to practice links using different rhythms.

I can’t do all giefs links consistently so I just don’t try and do clk x3 to exgh. I still make a good deal of money playing street fighter. You still need solid damage output so you need to play a char that can do some damage without links.

When you take away combos with links that’s going to lower your average damage so to compete you are going to need to be better at other shit. I made up for my lack of execution with match up knowlage through 100s of hours of online grinding, near perfect anti airing, agressive oki, option selects and just general craziness.

Over the past year I changed my play style to a more footsies oriented and got my links down. I still don’t do clkx3 but I have giefs other bnb’s down.

To tell you the truth I did it without links and it was way MORE work that way. Just learn them.

Stop thinking of links like it’s always something hard. Most of them are not. There are a few that you shouldn’t bother with online b/c the lag will eat the one or two frames u had to link and then u eat mashed dp. Seriously I’m almost certain (based on how hard u think this is) that you aren’t doing it right at all. Slow that damn jab down for the love of god… (doubtlessly your problem.)

U can’t link once u chain cancel jabs… so slow them shits down.

You can play Blanka without any combos.I have been playing this game since the release of SF4 4 years ago and I still can’t do a single combo on a consistent basis with Blanka which is why I almost never use combos as Blanka.I just use his mix ups,good timing on the Blanka balls,etc. and I can beat the majority of players online which means 4-5K PP players.
But I have to say that Blanka’s combos are really difficult to do and even some of the stronger Blanka players rarely use combos/can’t pull them off on a consistent basis except T Srai.
I can do all the combos with other character I play though like Ken,Ryu and Guile.

I cant do many combos either. you may be very close to victory, yet at an unexpected time the opponent catches you off guard and makes a damaging combo making you lose 1/3 of the lifebar and the game. you would have made much less damage without a combo at the same situation.

In SF4 this does occur as in most FG but even then it is not as frustrating as say in KOF or BlazBlue. Especially in KOF the opponent even with 1 remaining player at half bar can beat all my 3 players with some crazy combos.