Can't do "Quarter Circle" turns without jumping

I need help, could anyone tell me how to do a quarter circle motion WITHOUT jumping? Every time I try and attempt it, it jumps and I can’t pull off my ultra with juri :confused:

dude, move the stick a quarter circle in one direction, wtf?

I… Dunno how to explain that, too basic. Don’t press up?
Just keep trying. Maybe practice slowly first or something.

Stop hitting up when you do the input. Stop at FORWARD.

Your probably trying to go to fast. Inputs don’t need to be done that quickly.

yeah, just stop the quarter circle when you get to forward…quaaarter circle

Like everyone has saaid, do it slowly at first. My friend had the exact same problem.

lmfao comment of the year


Go do some research…and practice with the stick.

you going to far…