Can't do Ultras with JLF-TP-8Y-SK

It’s the weirdest thing, I am new to using a sticks after all and just got my Sanwa stick today but something isn’t right with it.

I can pull off normal moves :qcf: and :qcb: and I can even pull off Ultras that involve :qcb: but not Ultras that involve :qcf:

And I literally sat in training mode with the inputs on for 3 hours straight and it’s like impossible, but on the other side it’s easy.

The chip that the Sanwa came with didnt work cause I didnt have the compatible connector for my SE stick, so I took the Board off the SE stick and put it on that so it’d work.

I don’t think it’s that however, but yeah.
Anyone know what the issue is?

you sure the connector is not compatible? did u try turning the connector upside down?

yeah i’m positive, only right and down would work, and if I flipped it over only down would work.

can you take a pic of the PCB on the stick all plugged in?

Weirdest thing just happened, I was literally struggling to get the Sanwa board to work and it didnt, now it apparently works.
But I still have the same issue, so I still need to snapshot?

it’s your execution

If you’re sitting there in training mode with inputs on shouldn’t it be extremely easy to figure out what you’re doing wrong?

seriously if you’re in training mode for 3 hours then you know if all of the microswitches on the joystick PCB work or not

and if they all work then it’s your execution

if you re new to sticks then its pretty much your execution. i have kinda have the same issue where im more comfortable doing :qcb::qcb: than :qcf::qcf: but it will come with practice

It’s your execution like they said. I used to play on American Cabinets that ran full 360 sticks so when I jumped on a Sanwa stick it was really hard to do QCF(x2) because of the square gate. After practicing for a bit I got really accustomed to using Sanwa sticks and getting used to the square gates. I now prefer the Japanese joystick feel now. It works much better and just takes a little more time to get used to.

Okay I know that my stick is 8 way, the stick that is the default for Standard Edition Mad Catz stick what way is that?
4 way or 8 way

probably 8 way, but Im sure it’s your execution. :qcb: are easier because our wrists can pivot in that motion naturally… :qcf: will become easier with practice. I screw it up at time too.

You guys were right it’s my execution, I found out you have literally slide it on the walls of the controller to get it down.

Edit I’m used to using D-pad or whatever. You think it’d be better switching to 4 way?
I hear 4 way is better and easier to do diagnols.

lol. First off, if someone told you that you should play on 4 way and that it would be better for hitting diagonals, they were pulling your leg. Just think about what 4 way means. Second, you shouldn’t be riding the gate when doing qcf motions. Just activate the microswitch.

@mannerbot lol

Oh and man I just figured out how to do stuff and hold the stick, yaaay.
thanks to this thing video lol.


stick to DP on the fight stick. never go to LP because if u you go to LP if u hold foward long enough or back long enough your character will continue walking back for a split second even after you stopped inputting forward or back

Also, if you’re using a square gate, try not to stop on the corner of the gate, when you first start, your hand might be tempted to stop on the corner, the moment you can get around that corner being there, you’ll be walking safe. OR you can try an Octogate.

and stick to DP setting on the stick, it’s much better.

If I’m reading this right, you were finding it easier to do your Ultras facing the 2P side, with your character facing to the left, right? If so, this is really common when you’re first learning to use a stick. I went through it, and so did a lot fo my friends. Doing Ultras while facing the 1P side is naturally a bit more difficult since you’re swinging your wrist in a way that it just doesn’t really want to go.

It sounds like you’ve got this figured out. If you’re still having trouble, turn on Input Display and do the motion for the Ultra as slowly as possible, making sure the input displays are accurate. Do it a bunch of times, often enough so you know how your hand needs to move in order for the input to be correct. DO NOT rush yourself. There’s no hurry so just chill, take your time.

Gradually do it faster. This could take up to a week to get pretty consistant but keep at it! I did this and had all my friends do it, and it worked awesome. We were ALL dedicated pad players before SFIV, but now we exclusively use joysticks and this is how we learned.

4 way wouldn’t help your diagonals at all. 4 way would mean you wouldn’t HAVE diagonals. Now, if they were talking about square/octogate, that’s really a matter of preference (and commonly confused). Stock is usually a square gate, which you just need to pull up a little more than you think to really get that good QCF/QCB. As you pull up and might even be going up to a up/back diagonal, but if you hit your button while it’s rising, you’ll likely get it. It takes practice. An octogate helps. You will REALLY know when you’re going diagonally and when you’re going straight forward or backward. But this is really preference. If you get used to it on your square gate, don’t bother. I’ve played both, and when I tried to use an octogate after playing square for so long, I kept DPing when I meant to QCF. Just give it some time and practice. It takes a little while to get used to a stick if you’ve played on a pad. :slight_smile:

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