Can't download profile for SF4 - Error code: 0x80151911

Whenever I try to start the game and try to log on to windows live, it tries to download a profile but fails every time. That means I can’t save control settings and other things and can’t play online! I know I AM connected to the internet, though.

Also, when I click on network information, I see that: Internet IP Address and UPnP show that I’m “not signed in” and system link address shows “not active”. Does that mean anything?

I can still log on to windows live OUTSIDE of the game and even download demos from the windows live marketplace. What gives here?

Just want to get this question out of the way with no implications of any kind:

Is it a legal copy of the game?

Yes, it is a legal copy from In new condition

I looked it up and it appears to be a connection issue, more specifically the connection is timing out.

Do you have any anti-virus or a firewall on? Try turning all of that off.
Are you behind a router? Ports might not be open, try connecting directly to the modem.
UPnP might not be activated on your router. Check you router settings.
Do you have any other GFWL games? Try downloading the profile via those.
Make sure you have the current version of GFWL. You can usually do this with windows updates.

Finally, are there any other games to play online on your PC? If yes, depending on which games we might be able to narrow down the problem.

I tried all of those things (except the UPnP thing, which I know nothing about setting up) and none seemed to work. But I did find a solution to this one problem online, and that was to manually set the router’s MTU to 1400. I would still like to know how to enable UPnP, I don’t see an on/off switch setting for that, all I see are UPnP port settings.

Make an offline account for now till you figure things out. Then you can save.