Can't download USF4 on X360


I don’t know if this belongs to tech talk, USF4 forums or Newbies but whatever.

I have bought the online USF4 update from the SSF4 AE game and I have proceeded to download it, but there’s the problem. After an unusually long wait, download finally seemed to reach 99 % complete and then it freezes forever. It somehow drops to 97 % again and then ups to 99 % and finally the download crashes and a message about “connection to XBOX Live lost” finally appears. I have to sign in again and when I try to download USF4 again the same happens.

I know my internet connection isn’t the problem, since I can surf the web without issues or even play online without facing anything other than the usual laggy opponent. My X360 connection is even wired so for now I blame either the Xbox Live server or Capcom.

SSF4 AE level of play has bottomed so I don’t have a choice but getting the update or giving up on the game which I’m seriously consider it. Did anyone had to pass through such a pain to download USF4? If successful, how did you manage to get the game?


I bought AE a week before ultra (download version), then bought ultra as soon as it came out.

Then xbox screwed me by releasing AE for free shortly after heh.

Try clearing your system cache, and downloading again if nothing else (waiting) doesn’t help.