Can't even beat default arcade mode stage 3

So I can’t even beat the third stage of arcade mode. I know the CPU isn’t exactly the same as real competition but I get my ass kicked on that too.

I really don’t know what to do. Do I just keep playing arcade and working on my inputs? I can’t charge down - up worth my life (I’m playing Urien). I can’t even touch someone decent online.

Practice mode. Practice your inputs over and over and over again.

That is the fun part. Don’t get me wrong, I do work on input and combos in practice mode but when I try to apply my “flawless” execution of it into arcade mode/vs mode, its like watcing my game turn into mush. I noticed my biggest problem is that I’m too jittery when playing. I can’t clear my head and focus on what I’m doing.

practice simple combos. nothing fancy

like with ken low forward fireball or strong fierce uppercut

these two-three hit combos are way more practical then anything else

everyone gets that or has gotten that. no matter how good they are , there is an opponent that they are scared of , that clouds their brain.
even look at KO in the finals of SBO, or Boss . both of them get JITTERS at SBO you can see it in their faces.
the best way to overcome it is be in the moment and don’t think just feel and breathe and act. your intuition will guide you and you have to listen.'
you have to make a mistake before you know its a mistake, remember that too. release attachment from the outcome of the match and just see as much as you can.
also remember that anyone that is any good at all has lost much more than they have ever won, you must pay your dues in losses before you can win. Also avoid the thinking “i win cuz im a winner, i lose cuz i am a loser” if you think one you think the other. just play the match for what it is.
love the game and take joy in every hit you get, you’ll level fast.

block and punish before you do anything else

block every move, then the cpu is easy to beat

Pretty much all the advice given here thus far is good and should be taken.

I’ve only been playing 3s since about September or October and I still scrub out against AI Gill even though I can own the computer against pretty much every other character. I have more trouble against him with my main (Ken) than I seem to when I play against him using a character I just picked up and I realized that it’s because i play more recklessly with Ken.

DON’T play recklessly. Play a cautious game and don’t take unnecessary risks, at least not yet.

DON’T abuse Urien’s special moves. his normals are some of the best in the game IMO and you could be a beast with him even if you never made much use of his specials.

DO play against other people whenever you can.

DON’T think about it too much. You’ll get there eventually. This game has more of a learning curve than the previous ones did. You’ll get it, just keep practicing.

All the tips have basically been said. In my opinion I dont really think how well you do againist AI is a viable way to say how good you are, to me they always seem to MAKE YOU want to do bad habits and always act differently then any SF3 player. Just my opinion though, also I have only been playing for like 7 or 8 months so take my opinion with a grain of salt.