Can't find 3SO on Xbox Marketplace


Anyone else having the problem? I checked via and going thru the menus on my xbox and I can’t find the game… what’s up?


Not out until tomorrow. Not sure what time yet.


eh? I thought it was dropping the 23rd? =(


23rd for PSN. 24th for XBL.


out the 23rd for ps3 and 24th for xbox


Playstation 23rd and XBL 24th.


Oh. Frak.


I have it right now for PS3, it’s so funnnn.


And apparently has input lag.


prob will be an input lag for 360 as well… who knows.

game is fun though.


360 version will most likely be superior. Just like SFIV.


xbox 360 is too pro to have input lag


No, but like SFIV i can pretty much guarantee it will be less than you find on the PS3. Bottom line is the XBOX is the superior system.


If either system doesn’t run the game equally, i’m going to facepalm for days. The game was made in 1999. The gameplay itself doesn’t look like it has changed. If my shitty laptop can run 3rd strike on CPS fine, PS3 and Xbox should too.