Can't find 5V on MadCatz 2008 #4716


So this is attempt #2. I had no problem finding the 5v contact on the last Joytech pad I tried, but I can’t find it on this one. I’ve looked at the ‘early’ and ‘late’ diagrams on slagcoin, and this pcb is definitely different. Take a look:

Is it possible that the new MadCatz controllers don’t draw 5V? I know this sounds like a noob question but I swear to god no contact on this board has more than the signal voltage (1.71).



Yea fellas the above post is for my stick. Any input on this would be helpful. The Slagcoin pics are for 2007 pcb and have some changes. I def need a 5v to get my joystick to work. Help out a fellow gamer =D


Look for anything that says VCC on the board. Thats ur power


Red cable is ur power. Use the reverse side for a easy connection


damn, I def tested that contact and it wasnt putting out 5v to my voltage tester… is it possible to have F’ed something up so it doesn’t put out 5v? I just got the controller today and was very careful.


Test it out on a PC. All xbox 360 controllers are PC compatible. You need to download the driver from MS first. As long as the controller is recognized by PC, it is good and the red cable should have +5 volts.


Me and my friend figured out what we did wrong. phew =P

Thanks FreeBeer! you helped a lot, may you win the lottery and sleep with many asian girls!


OK, I figured it out thanks to your help.

FYI, the MadCatz 2008 pad has slightly different contacts than the 2006 and 2007 versions. I was assuming that the left side of the “UP” terminal was the ground. It is not, the right side of the “UP” terminal is. As soon as I tested it with my multimeter from that ground, sure enough I got 5V on that point.

Once I get done with this, I will provide a new diagram for the 2008 pcb.