Cant Find a Fightstick anywher!

Man i live in Toronto Canada and have been to my local stores asked about the fightsticks everyone seems totaly clueless if there even gonna get any…

So i turn online and nothing… All preorders are backed so far it’s not even worth it.

I was so desperate was even willing to get a FightPad but even that theres a theres a line for…

Anyone know any stores in toronto that will be getting these or a trusted online site selling these sticks with a reasonable wait time?

Fightpads are in stock at

I went the buy it on line route

Meh but i realy want is a fight stick :frowning:

Should’ve pre-ordered. Sorry, bro. See if you can pre-order one of the next batch that are coming out in March. have the HRAP EX stock for $149+shipping…

seems like EVERY controller, the pads and both sticks are sold out right now. some madcatz guy stated it. but the pads will be reproduced in high numbers thorugh april-march. at least the madcatz guy said. i don’t know wether they’ll reproduce the regular sticks though.

The Hrap 3 on amazon just went up in price.

Should have gotten 2 when I had the chance.

Tigerdirect now has the Fightstick listed as Unavailable, so if you were planning to go that route, you’ll have to check somewhere else. Ironically, I ordered mine from them 3 days ago when it was still available, and hopefully it ships soon.

If you’re looking for a stick in Toronto, the best chance you may have are at a few HMVs, a few of them are supposed to get their stock late, and I don’t think they took preorders, so a few may be lying around.