Can't find a place to lamilabel, what else can I do?

So I’ve called every printer (corporate, indie, all of them) within 100 miles of where I live and no one does or has heard of lamilabelling. I’ve even said just make it a sticker and no one can do that either.

What other options do I have without throwing out a lot of cash?

You don’t have a Kinkos? How far are you from Fort Collins? I know there’s one there.

Actually, can’t one simply order it from the online fedexkinko and have it delivered?

I live around 5 hours from Fort Collins. We have an Office Depot, but they say they don’t do lamilabelling. Can you really order it online from them and have it mailed to me? That’d be pretty much perfect.

I’ll go check.

Print it out on matte or even regular paper. Then have it laminated and use some 3M adhesive spray. I did that and came out fine. I printed mine regular paper legal size (It’s a hrap 3):