Can't find any place in CANADA to get Lami-Label HELP


Hello, Im new to the scene and picked up 2 WWE Brawl Sticks ($19.95) each from… I want to change the art work but can’t seem to find a place to make the Lami-Labels. ?

Has anyone in Canada got a solution for this situation. ( Im located in Durham Region of Ontario )

Please and Thank You.


Wow, I guess no one in Canada has done a new Artwork for the Madcatz Fight Sticks. I guess im the first. well at least I was able to find a place to get the lami label done for $2


good work, usually i just laminate and use double sided tape…




Nearest Kinkos to Durham is a far walk. thats why I was looking for someting in my Region… I mean if it wasnt so cold, I could do a 155km walk but its too cold


I do them but I have a personal contact unfortunately(only because I don’t prefer to print my work on regular labels then use those tiny lamination machines).


Im not impressed with Kinkos in Markham, I had 6 printed and lamilabeled and they are garbage, the lamination job is no good, the print was not done on proper paper that I asked, and the print size is not right. I asked for it to be printed on regular size paper NO scaling as the tutorial states.

they assured me it was not scalled in anyway. but the prints where printed to the full sides of the 11" and came out to 8 1/4 " in hight…

wasted $40 on this job.


I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure Staples would do it.


40 bucks? should have just ordered from arts hobbies, thats what i did!


No staples doesnt do them, I should have clarified $40 got me 6 prints and lamilabels, but still a waste as they didnt come out right…

I looked at art hobbies and didnt see anything for SE or Brawl Sticks , just TE


Here is one of my Sticks finished, in the pick you can’t tell the print sizes where off, because I used a perm marker to outline the artwork and metal plate
** I printed as stated in the Tutorials. went to FedEx Kinkos, asked for it to be done with NO SCALING and it came out short on the sides,


Tried asking for it at a Toronto/North York Kinkos (Sheppard st.) - they did not have the lami-label. Has anyone had luck at a different GTA location? Or tried ordering through their web app? I’m really sick of the stock art . . .


<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>The Markham location does them but, I warn you a 10min job turned into a 3 hour job and it cost me an arm and a leg,  I sent an email to head office about lack of knowledge these guys had and they offered me a refund but I had to go all the way back out there for it…  (2hr bus ride each way was not worth it)</span></font>