Can't find games online


Is the game sadly dead ? :frowning: just started and I love it.

Is their more players on PC ? Or was I just unlucky to only have found 3 matches last night in about 3 hours :confused: ( and 2 were laggy )


I’m uncertain what platform you’re on but I’m guessing PC as both XBL and PSN have healthy populations, you can find a game pretty much whenever. The PC… well… your best bet for matches on PC is to check out the “recommending competition” thread and hunt people down…


*- plays pc port of sfxt

  • expects to find players*

you better be trolling. since release the netcode is absolute garbage.
go back to ae or play some ggpo/supercade on pc… for sfxt, wait for the patch (trolololol).


PC is kind of dead, but you can add people from here on PC though.

Console’s pretty populated.


yeah console version has no problem getting matches, I find ranked matches in a matter of seconds.


Not that I can add much that hasn’t been said, but it also depends on when you’re going on. I rarely find endless rooms in the super early AM, for example.

But yeah, XBL is pretty healthy. Generally always find matches.

Personally I’m waiting on an update on PC before I commit any time to it, too much different between it and console right now.



for every PC Capcom fighting game, wait at least a year before buy.