Can't find other info: Possible to fit Suzo 500 STC into Hori FS3?

Hey everyone. Hopefully it’s a simple enough question. I spent a whole lot of time reading up on the differences between sticks for my first mod project, and eventaully decided that I liked the sound of the 500 the best. Problem is, I can’t find any documentation of whether or not the stick’s depth is too much for the FS3, or if it will require some new holes in order to mount to the top plate.

Either way is fine, as I’m adequately average enough with making metal fittings that I can fashion an extension for the base without losing all of my fingers - but I’d like to know before I place my order, so I know what kind of situation I’ll be faced with once everything has arrived and is sitting on my bench.

Thanks :razzy:

if I were you, i would forget about the stc 500. It’s not really a good stick for fighting games. I have heard some ppl like it for shmups, but I personally like a lot of others sticks ahead of the stc 500 for shmups. Bottom line, it’s not really worth the effort to build up a whole box/mod something to fit the suzo, as it won’t fit any other sticks when you figure out you want to switch it to something else. Go with a sanwa jlf or a seimitsu. And if you feel you must, you can mod the jlf a bunch of different ways to get the feel you want out of it. But stock is really fine for these sticks, although I do kind of like swapping in a 30mm balltop for shmups.

Well, I suppose if it’s not worth it in the end, you’re right.