Cant find SIXAXIS controllers!

OK this is my first post. but I joined this forum because Ive fallen in love with all the awesome arcade sticks you guys make. Im planning on making several (4) wireless SIXAXIS/axisdapter based PS3 Sticks…but i cant get anywhere because i cant find any sixaxis controllers. Aside from a used one at EB games that they want $40 for and a couple of seemingly shady eBay auctions with exorbant shipping prices and high winning bids. Ive called all the local video game traders, checked out the flea market and posted WTB adds on craigslist to no avail…I am extremely frustrated.

i can find used dualshock3 controllers left and right. but from what i understand, sixaxis would make the job 100 times easier…unless of course i am reading old information, or missing something.

Basically I am asking if there are other updated methods that don’t require a SIXAXIS controller, and i am also wondering if any of you have any tips on finding a bunch of them if there isnt…i was hoping to spend around 15-20 per controller but it seems that the going price is about twice that. which would really put a thorn in my project budget.

oh and HI!:wgrin:


hey man

if you’re in europe i could offer you 2 sixaxis pads…barely used


What you could do is use a Toodles Cthulhu board instead.
It’s PS3/PC compatible.

my goal is to be completely wireless, and I wish to be able to turn the ps3 on with the stick…but i will definitely keep that device in mind when I design a MAME cabinet thanks.

Thank you, But I am in the US. i wonder how much the shipping would be? haha.

sixaxis aren’t in production anymore. my guess is you are using the axisdaptor.

taken from lizardlick.

I’ve got a box full of sixaxis pcbs…23 of the pcbs in a box and then a few extras laying around on my desk. Then I have another box full of non working ones (lil over 70).

Plus batteries.

how much do you want for a few of them?(working 100%)

$20 w/o battery, $25 with. The only problem with the working pcbs is that most of the analog sticks are damaged, but its not a problem since the dpad directions are used.

I actually have a couple hopeful bids on ebay that are pending so i don’t want to commit just in case. But I I will definitely buy a stack from you w/batteries if my current round of fishing is unsuccessful. thanks for the reply, its encouraging to find a community that helps each other out. in the future I plan to buy the sixasis controllers whenever I see them for cheap so i can hook people up on this forum. I cant tell you how many times Ive seen them on clearance, and in pawn shops…always thought they were “pointless” without rumble…karma is a bitch.

Well my supply wont be going anywheres anytime soon so think of it as a backup plan if your ebay adventures doesn’t pan out.

If you have the patience, you can still use the DS3 with the ffc connectorless pcbs. Just requires wiring each contact spot pin to pin on Toodle’s axisadaptor or my leo board. There’s also alt spots on the back of the board too.


Do you know what’s wrong with the non working ones (if you know).
But I’ll keep in mind if I work on a stick.


They either didn’t get recognized by my laptop or some/all of the buttons did not work.