Can't find some gems

let’s say i’d like to purchase ALL chip damage boost gems, i’ve seen a video on youtube that shows every assist and boost gem in the game so i know there are at least three chip damage gems , my question is: WHERE and HOW can i purchase them? i only have the first chip damage gem, the 20% attack decrease one, where are the other gems? thanks in advance.

check gem guide they have them broken down by gemtype and the dlc packs they’re available in

that eventhubs guide does not have all gems , for example look at the assist gems, there is chip damage there, that is the 053 one i think, then there is 056 gem, where are the 054 and 055 ones? thanks

might not be available yet? i havent bought assist gems but boost gems werent available to sf/tekken sides at the same time in some cases. are they in the store? unavailable boost gems popped up at 4 million MS points when i tried to use gem log to set them

here is the video

that guy has got on his youtube channel the dlc boost gems too.

maybe i’m missing something here…

He might have hacked them…

Yeah, that video was put on when people hacked the SFxT disc (back in the day when the game was just released). A part of them need to be bought/are DLC…