Can't get any better

I am stuck, bad. Don’t think that the title of this thread is supposed to make me sound like some sort of pro, quite the opposite. I have reached a point in SSF4 where I am just not getting any better. I play my friends all day and they can’t beat me anymore, but when I host an open endless lobby, I get completely demolished half the time. I don’t like playing ranked for practice, so I’ll get right to the point:

I really need some skilled friends to play with. Anyone who is good will do. Everytime I ask someone who beats me to add me for future games it usually results in trash talk or no response at all. I am not bad, just not good enough. Please someone who may be having the same problem, or a veteran player willing to help out, add me.

Gamertag on XBL is x IHaVoK x

sometimes i just go into training mode & turn the computer on to its hardest setting…you find out a lot in there, the computer has its flaws, but there’s few people out there who could pull off some of the shit it does, teaches you to be cautious about characters strengths

i feel ya. i don’t know how i compare to ur friends or you at skill level but im always up for games with ppl when im on. its better to know that ur in the same mind set of wanting to get better, cuz i feel ya on how ppl just don’t care or whatever at times. my xbox gt is electricgodfist. feel free to hit me up and add me. just kinda remind me so i don’t forget too. plus i hope our connection is good hahaha well cya around.

Playing the CPU is worthless. Not good for learning at all.

My best advice would be to find some good players in real life, play them a lot, and ask them for advice. If you don’t live near a community, sorry, you’re kinda screwed. Maybe you could start having meetups yourself.

really?? i’ve learned quite a lot…like said, you learn characters strong points & their weaknesses, plus you get to practice your timing & execution in battle. the computer is more straightforward than a human opponent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it

i’m no veteran player but i like to think i’m slightly above scrub
maybe we can pick up some things from each other

i’ll add you later today
expect somethin from neverantiquated

Wrong. The CPU is a combination of stupid habits and really fast reflexes. You don’t learn anything about how to play a human. If you played good players in person, you would understand this.

i posted a thread similar to this about a month ago. well i do kindve feel im getting a little better since im getting more comfortable with my fightstick and playing the game itself. my suggestion would be; start getting familiar with as many characters as you can and use them. like right now, im using 1 character a day just to test them out and know their movesets so i would know what to expect if i was to ever face them. its fun itself to step out of the box a “main” cuz you never know, you might find another character youre better with. but of course, everything takes time if youre trying to go pro. youd have to study every anti-air, frame advantages, tech on command, etc. and most importantly perfect executions.

Why not? Set it to “More Skilled” and only play players with yellow or green connections for minimal lag. If you take ranked mode seriously, eventually you’ll start playing good players or players at your skill level.

Feel free to send me a FR, im a ~4k BP Bison (Dictator) player, Tag is SantaMenon

Whenever I feel like I’m hitting a wall in improvement, I watch the “pro” matches that you can find on youtube and think about what they do that’s different than what I’m doing and then try to incorporate that into my own matches. Personally, I found that I relied very heavily on special moves and trying to link combos (which I’m not that good at) in my matches so instead I tried to win matches just with regular punch/kicks. That forced me to work more on spacing, dashing, timing & defense and my game has improved a bit.

Why do people continue thinking the CPU will improve their skills? They should know after going online and then playing arcade mode that the difference in skill level between a CPU and a human is huge.

agreed. but i would use the CPU if I just want to practice my move executions so I can have something a little bit more exciting than a practice dummy standing there eating hadukens.

I’ll add you when I get home, or actually I may be able to send an invite from my work computer. popTags08, we can get some casuals in :slight_smile:

Here’s a way to get better (at least for me): start playing as random.

You’re not forced away from your comfortable position of your goto characters and now need to know the same “game” of SF in different shoes. You won’t win nearly as many matches, but you WILL gain insight into what other characters are thinking/playing so that helps the characters you do main.

Noone said you do. Matchup knowledge, however…

Playing vs CPU is only really helpful in that it gives you a good sense of the mechanics of the game. Things like walkspeed, jump height, move animations, etc are things that you should be looking out for.

LOL @ “learning character strengths” playing the CPU.

You guys never cease to amaze.

Anyway, in the real world, here’s how you get better. Playing ad naseum isn’t gonna do it, if you don’t know why you’re playing. You’re not just gonna get better by playing all day without focus. You need to think about what’s happening in matches, think about what you can be doing better, and focus on improving the parts of your game that are lacking.

Think while you play. Assess wins and losses afterwards, and make adjustments. Even if you’re winning all the time… you can still learn from the matches.

The CPU may be worthless but challenge mode isn’t if you want to drastically up your ‘average’ execution skills. Some of the trials require the kind of practise that makes you get better.

El fuerte 23 to practise links.
Ken 24 to practise insta air attacks and a non mashy focus cancel
Viper 21-24 require spot on fast execution.
Cammy 24 requires a lot of different skills: tiger knee execution, double focus cancel, a non mashy juggle and a fast ultra.

Ploughing through Challenge mode WILL make you better at execution if you don’t give up.

If you want to practice with good ppls… come here.