Cant get on Airs Ryu blog



Not sure this belongs here!

So i wanted to read up on some matchups on his blog but every time the site loads its takes like 3-5 seconds and i get redirected to dreamhost :frowning:

Anyone else gets the same thing? How can i fix that


The matchups are all here The NEW AE Ryu Matchup Thread


T.Hawk for example is empty and i allways lose to that ******* :slight_smile: but thx


The matchups that are empty is because Air hasn’t written anything about them. If you have problem against other character I suggest you to look into his subforum and watch youtube videos of the matchup. Against Tony Hawk (I know it’s Thunder just joking) you can read this SSF4 AE T.Hawk Match-up Thread and watch some of this vids


Meh. Most important thing I can see about the T.Hawk matchup that hasn’t been said in the threads before (or I just haven’t seen it), his Condor Dive is punishable on block with Ryu’s Tatsu. Learned that from the local players from my city. I think you can also safe jump him if you wanna risk getting in close on him.


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but for some reason I’m not scared to go in on T Hawks. In my experience, they tend to not mash SPD’s as much as Giefs do…not sure why, lol.


I actually agree that they don’t seem to SPD as often. I’m not sure why, either, but still, I’d rather zone them out until I somehow get a hard knockdown on them.


Air just recently started up his website last week. I don’t think there’s anything on there yet but just saying that it’s back up.