Can't get rid of sweaty hands. Any advice?


Hello everyone, I played SFV since release but took a break for about a month because of sweaty hands while playing… This only happens when playing fighting games and is a real problem for me. I’ve tried baby powder, drysol, GamerGrip ( which is what im using atm, it works great but isnt perfect I still need to use a towel constantly and only lasts maybe 40 mins. If anyone has some advice please let me know.


If it is due to nerves, just relax. It is only a video game. Remember to have fun. Failing that. Wash your hands with some water and that will make them dry.


Madcatzzz rubber balls Markman edition

esports… blow their smells around cheeto dorito fingers edition?

Merge here, or the gamergirl"boothbabes" that other weird thing in case you are just talking about a controller, give me a sec I’ll find it


that space between, your hands, the controller and your nuts


You could get your problem fixed in Gensokyo


So what if your hands sweat when you’re playing?
How does that decrease your performance?
I wouldn’t know how that would be a problem on either pad or stick.

I mean does it get so wet that the pad flies out of your hands? These games are about button presses and not athletics of the Olympic kind.



oh shit that’s never a good sign keep an eye out for any of these other symptoms.
weakness in your knees
heaviness in your arms
vomit on your sweater (especially if it’s Italian pasta your mother prepared)
nervousness despite having a cool exterior
aphasia caused by big crowds
feeling an obstruction in your throat

if you have these symptoms go see a doctors immediately because when it comes to life you only get one shot.


Yeah it makes simple things like dashing and DP’ing fail.

@everyoneelse I thought I’d get more serious answers on this forum but apparently not


You must be new he-


rub anti perspirant on your fingers. Then lick it and die.

Honestly do you want SRK to become chemists and invent anti sweat finger serum for you?

You got serious answers despite your lulzy thread. You should be thanking us.

Do your own homework >:O


This should help OP


Today Tomoko learns that GD is not intended for discussion of fighting games. That’s what pretty much every other forum on the site is for. Not that one. :lol:

Thread mostly cleaned up. I appreciate that AKUMA-HAX had the most useful response. :wtf:


Are you using the controls like they’re pressure-sensitive? Light taps and smooth relaxed motions are best. I have to ask a question I don’t want to ask but: What’s your height and Weight?


Gym chalk (there’s recipes out there to make your own) if you’re not fine with wiping your hands on a towel or your pants.


Gym chalk can also get into the mechanical part of the stick (such as the pivot) which can cause extra wear and tear.



Getting rid of sweaty hands should be as easy as getting rid of non-sweaty ones.


Do you drink a lot of caffeine by any chance?


Take breaks between matches every now and then, especially from any really intense matches.