Can't get screws removed from JLF mounting plate in HRAP EX!


Bought a Seimitsu LS-56 to replace the JLF in the HRAP EX…but I cannot unscrew the mounting plate for the life of me. I got one screw removed but that was it, the rest won’t even budge no matter how much torque or pressure I put on them. Any suggestions? This is really annoying…


If you have a Dremel you try cutting a flathead notch into the screws. Wal-Mart also sells bits specifically for the removal of stripped screws.


Cool, cutting a flathead notch into the screws worked!

Good god, these were by far the tightest screws I’ve ever encountered (uh…no pun intended???:looney:)


you need a heavy duty screwdriver or a power drill if not then a japanese screwdriver might do the trick


I have this exact problem with the stupid mad catz se stick.

how do you cut a flathead notch into the screw?


I had to take a dremel with a cutting bit and just cut the screw head to the point where it would fit a flathead.


Jesus, I had my manager, really handy old guy who works in furniture, attempt to take it out. Took a lot of effort, fucking mad catz parts are cheap as hell. Basically had to try to screw it inward through the plate itself, and eventually had to disassemble the stick and springs, basically the pcb and stick are no longer working, but at least I got my plate out to use with my sanwa stick.