Can't get SF IV fightpad to work on PC. Anyone get it to work?


I have a sf IV fightpad for the 360 and according to madcatz it’s supposed to work for both the 360 and PC.

I read that all I have to do is download the drivers for a regular 360 controller and I did that but it still isn’t working. When I go into the control panel and pull up hardware, it shows that it recognizes the controller but still tells me that I don’t have the drivers DL’ed for the controller.

Has anyone been able to get a SF IV fightpad to work on the PC? And, if so, what steps did you take to do so? I ask on this forum because I want to use it for sf x tekken which i bought off steam and I have to imagine a lot of people did with the deal that was on steam.


There’s an option to update drivers in the Windows Device Manager. You should be able to see your controller there if it’s being recognized by your computer.

You may access Device Manager by typing in devmgmt.msc on your run window.


I went there but it told me it couldn’t find the drivers. I appreciate it though. You’re the man for trying to help.


Don’t mean to necro the thread but did you ever find a solution to this? I’ve been having the same problem. Just got a new PC running Win 7 64 and it can’t seem to install the drivers. It’s funny because my girlfriend has the same OS on her laptop and my fightpads work fine, tried copying the files for the drivers she has but it didn’t work. Controllers work fine on her computer, just tested em, just can’t seem to get the drivers on this one for some reason.


No unfortunately i never found a solution and gave up on it. I was thinking about just getting a PS3 controller and using that. My last resort may be to use a 360 controller.


This may not be the same issue, but some of the MadCatz products don’t work on the NVIDIA chipset. Meaning, you need to buy a PCI USB card and use those ports. I have a SFIV TE Stick that didn’t work on my old nvidia board, and I had to buy a PCI USB card with a VIA chipset. Maybe this will help you?