Can't get SFAE modded stick to work on pc

Hi all,

I have a modded (Happ) SFAE stick and I am trying to use it online.

I have some converter I bought at source by circuit city that is ps2 to usb.

The game pad works fine but it will not recognize my SFAE stick :-@

any ideas how to make my stick work through usb??


What pcb are you using

i dunno - its modded with happ parts - I didnt do the modding myself… how can i check? unscrew it?

Yea, or you can look at the cord and tell me if its that same one that originally came with the stick.

i believe it is the one that came with the stick

Well the fact that the topic creator didn’t mention anything about modding should have made it clear what PCB was inside. Yet I guess you might as well ask. If a person does put any other kind of PCB in their stick it’s usually a PS1 PCB. Unless they need something to work on a different system other than PS2/1.

I thought I heard that the SF AC stick should work fine out of the box with certain converters but maybe I’m mistaken.

I’m using a SFAE PCB on a computer w/ a converter and it works fine as far as I can tell.

what kind of adapter are u using?

this exact one

I just called the guy I bought it from and he said it is the original pcb… I think its this shitty adapter I have :frowning:

I guess I will have to try and order one of these online…

what about tearing apart an old ps2 controller and somehow using that? would that work?

i dunno even where to buy this adapter u showed… :confused:

I’m pretty sure play-asia has it.

just go to circuit city and buy the pelican adapter.
oh… thats the one you bought? if so it should work perfectly.

or if you dont need the xbox part you can do this

out of stock :frowning:

do you mean this one:

cuz thats not the one I bought… does this one work?

this other tutorial… are you saying I can just chop off the xbox cord and attach a usb cord to it and then it will work?

yeah. everyone i know with the sfae stick who doesnt use a ps2 adapter just splices the xbox wires to a male end of a usb cord, tapes it up and supposedly it works lag free

ok thanks splicing it as we speak…

usb has white, red, black, and green
xbox has white, red, blue, green and yelllow

I am assuming that the black connects to the blue?

it would make sense :slight_smile: let me see if i can find the other thread about it.

I haven’t done this before but it seems straight forward.

its actually

SFAC[pink] ->USB[white]
SFAC[green] -> USB[green]
SFAC[blackish] -> USB[black]
SFAC[grey] = extra [leave as, tape it up]

wtf I dont have those colors…

I have on my SFAE stick: white, red, blue, green and yelllow