Can't Get Smooth Gameplay on GTX 1050 2GB

I have the 13.5" surface book 2, cor i7 with GTX 1050 2GB. I know this gpu is definitely on the low end, but I figured it would be able to handle this game. Even at the lowest possible settings and resolution, it just doesn’t. Get’s super choppy and laggy at random times and just drops in fps.

Does anyone know any secrets to make this work, or am I just out of luck.

  1. What game?
  2. Is your surface pro running on battery power or the wall adapter? Alot of laptops will prioritize battery life over performance.

Oh hehe, SFV. And it’s the surface book 2 not the surface pro. I keep it plugged in.

I have pretty much the same config. Runs fine for me. Update your drivers, tweak your graphics settings and tweak your card settings. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to upgrade, friendo.