Cant get to my ps2 system menu/browser or the hard drive one

so im playing all my all my fighting games online using my ps2 network adapter and hard drive (also ps2 40gig) here in Okayama and everything is workin fine. but one day my cat (an itty bitty little kitty) tripped over the cable connected to the back of the network adapter.

after that whenever i put a game in the system it works fine and i can still go online and play. but for some reason i cannot get to the hard drive menu or the regular system menu!

when i turn the system on and dont put any game in, it just shows a black screen for a few seconds the the white “Playtation” logo pops on the screen and just stays there. i can see the light inside at the bottom of my system where the hard drive is is on and the system is working, its just not letting me go to my menues!

i ran the hard drive disk and it said there was nothing wrong with my hard drive. and since i can play games online there must not be anything wrong with my network adapter right?

what the hell happened? anyone know?

is it broken?

is there a controller shortcut to get to the browser/system menu when you power on the ps2?

damn you itty bitty little kitty!!!

Just reattach the hdd to the network adapter since that part does get senstive due to the tiny connections between the PS2 and the HDD. This happens to me quite a bit so I check to see if it is connected or not.

i tried what you said but still no browser/menue screen. its really starting to annoy me.

by the way thanks for your info.