Can't get tsurugi to "hang" from forward jumps?



As seen at 0:16

It always seems to just fall quick. Anyone mind shedding some light as to what I may be doing wrong?


Late tsurugi is done sort of like plinking it with a punch: :qcb:+:p:~:k:


By “sort of” do you mean to actually plink it with a punch? So I can just late tsurugi with focus[mp/mk] input plink?

And by doing this it will cause it to give it that hang time instead of quick fall into negative frames? lol


You just plink it with a punch.

explained here :


Thank you both very much. I feel like a giant missing piece in my arsenal has just been found.


I wrote “sort of” because it’s not really a plink but a kara cancel. See Noocta’s video.


Figured it out, definitely was a big hole in my approach. Helped tons last night on my grind. Thanks very much again to both of you.


so to do a instant air one you would need to do 963214 p~k?


No need to plink, as there’s no height limit on the way up.


eh? Tsurugi def has a height retriction.


It’s not practical and you can basically do the same thing by just properly timing it.