Can't go online


I want to play ultimate online, but Xbox Live is grayed out. I can play other games just fine…

Did this game come with a code or something?


it didn’t have a code with it. try double checking to make sure you’re on an XBL capable account? i’ve had that issue with my friend’s 360 before.


Well, I can play battlefield 3 and street fighter 4 just fine…

Its just marvel…and I really wanna unleash the nova force on some people…


mine is running fine, but comin back from a 2+ month break from this game what I do notice ALOT more is it’s much harder to find matches. I seriously think hundreds or even thousands of people stopped playing. like I go to ranked and it used to be instant, now I need to research a bunch of times and then it’s like you keep getting the same people over and over. I mean I keep my region settings to same because I refuse to play people across the ocean or the otherside of the planet so that adds to the wait but damn it’s significantly less populated online now