Can't go to Evo anymore. Selling competitors pass with 3 games

Hi! I’m looking to sell my competitor pass (meaning tournament and spectator) to whoever would like it. I’m not able to compete myself because of a recent family emergency. I tried to downgrade my pass around 1 week back in order to save money, but I was told by EVO staff I couldn’t because spectator passes have sold out. I still don’t understand this, but either way I’d like to at least get some money back for my pass as it looks like I can’t get a full refund. Currently it has three games on it: SF4, SF X Tekken, and Marvel. But of course, those games can be changed for other games or even added on. So if your trying to by a tourney pass and would really like to be in the room for Finals on Sunday, hit me up please! Thanks!

P.S. I’m not trying to make extra money off this. I just want the money I spent back. I’m asking for $90.

I know one of the Cannons posted earlier saying those who were thinking of selling their passes should sit tight for right now, as the logistics on how this situation is going to pan out is being fine tuned.

Also, another thought that popped into my head. Say you are somehow able to give your pass away (Which in this case, is a tournament pass as well, not just spectating). If the buyer isn’t someone who’s recognizable as let’s say, Justin Wong or Mike Ross just as an example, if they are an unknown who’s actually pretty good, what’s to stop that unknown who probably already has his own pass paid for and is signed up for the same games as you, buying your pass, playing in different pools for the same game and doubling his chances at winning? Most pools have different bracket wranglers, and I can see someone getting away with this under the radar.

Not likely to happen, but still, it could be a concern.

You need to be there in person with an ID to pick up your badge.
You really don’t have anything to sell if you’re not going to be there.

Also, the tournament director posted that he wouldn’t buy passes if he was us.
This means that there might actually be some form of control to prevent stolen badges.
Out the top of my head, if they somehow added pictures to the badges, anyone trying to sell it would be screwed.


Hi Campos.
I am considering your competitor pass. I snoozed and miss out the opportunity to purchase one. If you could find out how the process of transferring your pass to another person, that would be greatly appreciated.

As J.D stated, you need to be there in person to pick up. I wonder if a copy of your ID and a signed release form from you would be sufficient. Please find out and advise and I would gladly buy the pass from you. Thanks!

Thanks everyone. I’m going to ask around. I hope there is a way to transfer ownership. A couple of people have wanted to buy, but I know I can’t sell if I can’t gurantee they’ll be able to use the pass I purchased.

Thanks for replying Señor Campos.

I contacted an EVO rep and he told me " You would have to show an ID to pick up the badge. If they were to pick it up and just give it to you, that would be fine."
I asked him if there is another way to go about it, but I haven’t received a response yet. I will post the response once received.

I’m interested in this pass, if you’re selling it

Have you sold this yet? If you haven’t please let me know, I’d like to buy the ticket.

First of all that thread is from last year, second, passes are not transferrable, sellable, giveable.