Cant handle 500 LP+ opponents


The 500 LP mark seems to be hard to handle for me. Fighting opponents below that mark is like taking candy away from a baby. They don’teven know that holding the stick back makes you block.
Everytime as soon as I hit 500+ LP, it gets a lot harder for me. I can’t quite grasp why. People are spamming one or two combos and spam Fireball/DP and I cannot seem to handle it at all.
Its gotten so far that everytime I see a Ken, Laura or Ryu coming up, I already go in with the mindset that its impossible to win, or even learn anything from that match-up, because I’m not smart enough
to punish their flowchart bs and in most cases just fall for it.

Tutorials and guides that are out there seem all to be either to vague or too professionell. Either they tell me that the green bar is the healthbar (no sht sherlock…) or they tell me whats -x on block,
which I dont even know what that means. But I would love something in between. Guidance, to know what the general gameplan of my character is, why, how to utilize on that, how to start get better.

One of my problems could also be character crisis. I started out with Rashid, had good fun times with him for about 20 ingame hours, but I felt something to be missing. I just dont think its the right choice for me.
So I tried all the characters for about 3-4 hours, but nothing seems to quite fit my style, probably because I’m going at it with a wrong mindest, not sure.

Maybe you have some tips for me, character crisis is one thing, but I at least would love to be able to finally punish these flowchart super heroes.


Well, if you don’t understand guides, go into training mode and figure it out yourself.

Let’s say you are playing against a Ryu and you block his HP -> HK target combo.
You don’t need to know frame data to be able to figure out that you can punish the blocked HK with a hard Shoyruken of yours (I am certain that this applies to Rashid’s uppercut aswell, might only be EX).

Now try to apply this same logic to other moves and situations you can be put into.
Can Ryu punish a blocked sweep from Chun-Li? Absolutely yes, he can.
Using the record and replay feature in training mode is your best friend.
See what I mean? It comes down to knowledge.
Once you’ve got the knowledge, you’ll take a bit of time to get used to applying it. Be aware of that. It should come rather quickly though, depending on the difficulty and time invested.

Whenever I get beaten by something in a match, I go back and figure out what I can do about it.
Reading about solutions is one way to do it, self-discovery is usually my way to go though.

I’m hanging around at ~500LP currently. In case you want to play some matches where I can give you some tips for your play, just hit me up on Steam at FAI_CW :slight_smile:


This is one of those things that is really difficult to help you with.
It’s actually really hard to explain in fighting game terms so allow me to give an example to help point out what I mean.

Ever played or seen counter-strike?
In counter strike there’s this universal understanding that smoke grenades are used to block off certain parts of the map.
Walking through a smoke grenade obscures your vision to such a degree that it’s almost guaranteed suicide which is why no one ever walks through a smoke grenade.
So everyone and their grandmother knows, no one will walk through the smoke because it’s totally stupid so you don’t really pay attention to the smoke.
However, when you’re playing against noobies they straight up don’t care and will run through the smoke guns blazing because they don’t understand the game.

That’s pretty much what you’re dealing with atm.

People who don’t understand the game are just randomly pushing buttons hoping to get a win.
The people you are playing against don’t understand the concept of footsies, don’t understand that jumping like an idiot is a bad idea and have no idea when to throw a fireball.

The best advice I can give against these nutbags is to let them kill themselves.
They’ll push buttons like there’s no tomorrow so just block their crap and you’ll start to see openings in their game.
Something noobs love to do is random sweeps and meaty DPs which is something you can abuse.
If your opponent is spamming fireballs just jump back and forth, what’s he going to do? make him feel like he’s wasting his time, he’ll come to you eventually.


Noob to playing strategically myself and I’m going through a transition at the moment. I have always been able to beat people just by going on the offensive or defensive while using special moves and combos, but I’ve never spent time learning the mechanics of footies etc… until now and because I’ve changed my way of playing I’m losing a lot more, but eventually after learning about all these things and using them I’ll get better at the game overall. Definitely need to spend time learning about frame data etc… I’m just picking one thing at a time and learning what it is and how to use it consistantly - currently on doing cross-ups and then using them in matches. I’m losing a hell of a lot but I don’t care, I’m just learning about new things.

My SFV name on PS4 is ‘DeepLine’ if you want to have some matches in the next few days.


If you play against shoryu/random specials happy people, easiest way imo is you want to be extra defensive and block their stuff. And let them kill themselves by punishing them for it as said above.

Stuff that works fine and I find funny to do is to stop a little combo in the middle of it and block, they usually spam their invicible moves so if you fuck up you get hit. This way you get to punish them after.


Sounds like Floe’s tutorial series is where you want to be, it’s more about concepts of how to play than systems and mechanics.


Yeah, basically this is what I do whenever I play DP spammers. wait/bait the DP, block and punish them when they come down. They basically beat themselves


Maybe you could make friends in the matchmaking thread, play vs other beginners or intermediate players, and ask them where they abuse your habits.


learn footsies, zoning and then frame data


Thankful for all the help you guys have ben writing down for me. I’m going to put more thoughts into what you guys suggested. Appreciate it.


This will help a lot