Can't hit confirm in lk tatsu?

I can hit c lk or c lp into lk tatsu no problem, but the input seems to be more anal if I hit confirm with 2 or 3 c lk’s / c lp’s, and I usually end up doing a standing lk instead of the tatsu.

Any hints to getting lk tatsu more consistently off of hit confirms with c lp or c lk?

I’d bet you’re just chaining the c.lp and instead of linking. Can’t give more advice than that since it’s a really easy cancel, specially since you’re already holding down.

Again, Q&A thread.

Like otori said, link the’s/c.lp’s don’t chain them.

It’s a lot easier to start with cr mp or cr mk because the stun is greater and gives u a much better chance at hit confirming into the tatsu, hadouken, and or the shoryuken. Give it a shot and see how it comes out.

I disagree 100%. The stun is greater and so are the startup and recovery frames. Starting with a c.LK or c.LP is much easier, you can’t start a link with c.MK, and starting with c.MP will be damaging, but isn’t nearly as useful as a “hit confirm.”

Gotcha! I didn’t think of that because I know when to use MK and MP. I just have to remember that others may not have grasped onto that type of timing in actual battle situations. Thanx. My eyes have been opened!!!

I’m still a little unsure if you’re talking about a hit string that involves c.MP or c.MK, or if you’re talking about only one single normal canceled into a special move. The latter is not hit-confirming by any means, unless you can react in a couple frames whether your opponent is blocking or not.

The concept of hit-confirming is to lessen the wager involved in dealing damage, if they block your 2, 3 or 4 linked normal attacks, you do something that won’t put you in a compromising position, and if they hit then you react to that with a big combo ender.