Can't link claps consistently. any tips?



I don’t know why, but for the life of me I cannot get the claps to combo consistently. I’ll get it every few tries, but never even like, 3 times in a row.

I can perform all his other combos consistently, but these damn claps are just giving me a big hassle. any timing tips/tricks to make it more consistent?


watch the dust around hugo’s feet as a cue to when the animation is over (do a clap and hold up, you’ll see when it’s done), double tap the buttons.


Just made a Q&A thread with this question answered.


Just double tap the MP and LP claps. makes it WAY easier :3


remember that while double tapping, keep holding backwards (the final command of the move). It helps.
So it’s like HP clap, then:
QFB (keep holding back), then MP, MP
This will give you 4 clap attempts (2 from pressing each MP and 2 from releasing each MP)

Then do the same thing with LP Clap.


Thanks guys this helped me so much. I was able to some clap combos repeatedly in T mode yesterday using this technique whereas previously I just thought you needed impeccable timing.


After hp clap once Hugo hits the opponent and starts to bring his hands back I start the motion for mp clap. I get that link all the time now. Hardest is from ex to lp clap. Never thought of the double tapping the punch button. That’s great! I’m going to try that.