Cant log into GGPO

i dont know why i cant log in, i press the log in button and nothing happens…i 've removed GGPO and reinstalled it a couple of times, checked the FAQ on…nothing T__T. Can anybody help me?

make a new account

^this work for me also

everytime I log in a Microsoft warning pops up and says “ggpo.exe has stopped working” wtf is up with that?? ive uninstalled and installed like 3 times already… I dunno what to do…

Same error for me

Anyone know how to fix?

Go to the Client section. I think you might find your answer there.

Forward your ports.

I guess I found the problem.

The same thing was happening here. When I clicked the “Log In” button or pressed enter, nothing happened. After checking my firewall section [I’m currently using Comodo Firewall Pro] and opening an exception for GGPO, it started to work perfectly. If you’re using windows firewall, just disable it, or open an exception for all the ports GGPO uses. Plus, most routers have firewalls included in their systems, be sure to check the router’s firewall settings besides forwarding the ports.

I hope this helps.

See you at GGPO! [Banzai]