Can't Login to servers on PS4!

Anyone else can’t get in on PS4? Been 20 minutes now. Worse, is it’s telling me I won’t get any FM/EXP if I try to play story mode, cuz I’m not logged in. So, you tellin’ me anytime CFN has issues and is down, I can’t get FM/EXP for playtime? They really can’t have it sync back up when you log back onto servers? This is really starting to piss me off. Of the little bare bones content we got, crap is still nonfunctional. I don’t even wanna do story or survival now, since it’s not gonna gimme my FM/EXP. Get outta here with this bull Crapcom!

It’s launch night. There are always problems on launch night.

Typical Capcom launch…so frustrating

How can I get the Chun costume you get for preordering on PS4? I can’t find it on my account :c

Check your e-mail account that you have linked to your PSN account.

The bigger issue is that whenever CFN is down, all our playing won’t earn us FM/EXP. Guess that’s another way to screw us on FM from long hours of forced offline play. Goodness, sh*t’s so annoying, waited all this time. I wasn’t even trying to play VS people yet online, just wanted to earn some FM/EXP from story/survival mode. I don’t even wanna play either yet, cuz I don’t wanna have to do them again, or have them screw me somehow by not giving it to me next time or some other dumb stuff that’ll probably happen. It’s ridiculous, just have it so we can still earn all that stuff 'n it syncs back up. Instead of this jack@ss method where we only earn it while logged in to CFN, especially if CFN is gonna be unreliable.

Can’t login from PC either.

Hmmm Is there another way to get it? I don’t see the e-mail from PSN or capcom :c

Oh boi, here we go again: We are aware of the server issues that are affecting the online functionality of SFV, and are working towards a quick resolution.

I was going to complete survival mode in hard difficulty when the servers disconnected me. :expressionless:

Hmmm I found the email but no code. Unless the order number is the code? I’m so confused. But I’m just doing survival modes until things get fixed.

Can’t login on PS4.

Good God! Finally just now got in and created my name. Hopefully I don’t get kicked out before I can earn 1 bit of FM/EXP now.

I just got Chun-Li to level 3 before the servers kicked me out… so frustrating. Good thing I have off tomorrow.

This is probably capcom’ s way of making sure no one is cheating/hacking to boost their rank or fight money

Oh well, it D/C’d after very first story match with Ryu. Fck this sht!

This is weird. I could be playing the game right now but since I won’t be earning anything for it I’d rather spam log in attempts.

Interesting. Kind of glad I’m waiting til tomorrow morning to get my SFV copy.

I was able to complete survival mode with Ryu before getting disconnected, hopefully the server issue will be resolved soon.