Cant parry

hey new here , recently got SFIII, ps2 owner, couldnt afford DC. Very much influenced with diagos video, ive just gotten a faq over parrying but would like to hear peopls personal views, its quite difficult for me, i am not a bad player but i am new to this parry system, tapping Forward at the impact of the attack, works rarley for me.
Does the directional system make a huge difference over how hard it is to parry ?
Looking at the red parry faq, what is red parry. :confused:

currently downloading a system direction combo video, the players seem to be much faster in the video, system direction have that much of an effect, i have around 8 pages printed out about system direction, gonna go read em soon, cant mess around with it without reading because games in japenese.

P.s: any links to other SFIII fighting or combo videos.

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are yout rying to just flat out parry like nothing?

you gotta expect the attack, you can’t just walk around expecting to parry attacks at random,

learn the timing of attacks in training mode and bust em out in a real match, don’t expect to parry anything that isn’t a laggy poke or fire ball or super / uppercut.

it’s easiest to parry fireballs so start witht hat, and remember you have to do only foward

no down foward or up foward and since you may be playing with the analog on a ps2 control a sloppy foward may not read as a parry resulting in getting hit.

also know that you can parry as part of moves, like say your doing a hadoken for the few frames that you press down for your hadoken if you pressed only down any low attack will be parried and also if your going for a upper cut , the foward then the down … ect. so you can accidently parry things but really , parry is a strong weapon in 3s, start with fire balls then learn how to parry attacks that are used often by your opponents. Parrying uppercuts also helps since there is no air block.

You can’t expect to be good at first just try harder, i dont’ play 3s much , and i don’t use P groove in cvs2 (it’s even harder there) but parrying is pretty simple, just get used to it if you want , but for 3s parrying really helps.

Yeah, learn to parry projectiles first, maybe Dudley’s machinegun blow because it’s multiple hits but you can see it coming.

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get a mate to help you out.

as someone said, practice fireballs first, and then try two hit attacks like ryus f+mp. if you want to parry mutiple hits IMO akumas super fireball is the best. its all about practice.

as for an actual match, once your parrying is half decent just blatantly try to do it and not be scared. it sounds kinda cheesy but after a while it becomes “instinct” lol. maybe cos you get used to your opponents patterns i dunno…

youll probably get owned when you first start tho and wanna parry everything. people well use parry trap shit on you, but just keep playing, youll get used to it.

Hmm, i remeber the good ol days when i couldnt parry, even if my life depended on it, but then all of a sudden, i just got the hang of it, and i was real excited because i started to win more and more matches :smiley:

You cant parry on reaction, its humanly IMPOSSIBLE to react that fast, the first step is to learn how to read an opponent. You need to know when they are gonna attack. Alot of it is guessing really. But good player make educated guesses.

to parry fireballs, wait till the fireball is an arms length in front of you, then tap forward, and thats it. The timing is pretty loose compared to CvS2. you gotta do it sorta early.

For attacks that arent projectiles, like a face to face punch, you need to have guessed that the attack is coming in the first place, thats where you need to learn your opponents rythm.

being able to parry is only worth it if you can counter your opponent. its also important for not taking leathal block damage, but if blocking a firball will kill you…you should expect one from your opponent :cool:

good luck

If you really want to learn to red parry Ken’s Shippu, learn to do it on the second hit and counter with something quick. If the opponent’s trying to chip you to death, chances are you won’t survive long enough to red parry the fifth hit anyway. And if you’ve already blocked the first four hits, just block the last one and retaliate with whatever you’ve got.