Can't play full game offline

So if I try to play HDR when I’m not connected to XBL, it only plays the trial version (local, Ryu/Ken only). When I select ‘unlock full game’, it says you must connect to XBL. I actually deleted it off my HDD and re-downloaded it just to see if that helped. Same crap. What gives? I tried searching for this to no avail.

Also, some additional weirdness. For the past few days, my gamer pic doesn’t show up in lobbies. Instead, it’s some generic blue silhouette of a person. I tried re-picking and changing it… again, same deal. I don’t get it.

Try deleting and recovering your profile or visit:

Did your xbox recently break down? Did you originally download HDR on a different console? If any of the prior cases happened to you, you’ll need to get a license transfer in order to play any of your payed add-ons and games offline.

that sounds bad :s

but yeah, ask Microsoft. they’ll know what to do

Also ggs from yesterday, I’m still learning with a stick but your honda is great! (alex)

We got the exact same problem when we set up at northwest majors. Half of our setups wouldn’t play the full game offline. Half of them would. Makes no sense at all.

That’s what happens if say you move your HDD to another unit. It’s an MS thing that has to do with licenses. I suppose the license is tied to the unit the game was originally dl’d to and if you move the HDD to another console, it will only verify the full game license when you’re online. Call MS and they should be able to tell you how to do it so you can play the full game offline.

You can re-download the game by going onto the profile you purchased the game with. Then going to the purchase history (forgot how to get there, google it) and then re-download it from there. There’s also a page on MS’s site that lets you regain your licenses. You can do this only once a year, in case you change HD’s, your XBOX crashes etc etc…

Google is your friend though :smiley:

Im bored.

Here you go

Problem solved! Thanks, guys. My original Xbox RROD’ed, so this is a new system, and on top of it, a new HDD (upgrade from 20 GB to 120 GB). Just needed to do the license transfer thingy.

Now we both know the deal!

Thanks, man… gg’s! Hit me up anytime for more stick practice!