Can't play Street Fighter V to save my life


I’ve been a fan of Street Fighter since third strike, and of fighting games in general, never been competitive, but can defend myself pretty well in most 2D fighters, I really like Guilty gear and had 50% win rate in ultra street fighter 4 online, and 70% in Mortal Combat X. That’s why it baffles me how awful I am at SFV. I can do every input in the game reliably, can perform combos but can’t connect or defend at all, it’s just a frustrating mess, I’m getting my ass handed in arcade mode, let alone online. All the info I get is obvious stuff that I already know or “study frame data” which come on, that can’t be the first step be able to play arcade on hard.

Is there any one element that changed drastically from third strike and sf4 to this? Because this is the only street fighter where I consider myself to be awful at.


As a general rule of thumb, pretty much every move in SFV that looks punishable, isn’t. That’s the trap, and it’s what really separates serious players from the not.

This is the fundamental problem I have with SFV. It’s not accessible for people who’ve played fighting games for a long time, it breaks the standard rules, and takes a specific amount of study to know when you can defend and attack. Whereas most fighters have a baseline “tell”, an obviousness for moves you know you can follow-up an attack against. But in SFV most moves are nebulous.


So the game punishes you for playing fighting games, that makes a lot sense to me, because I struggle a ton with this game. Gonna try to pick some info for the characters I like and see where that takes me. Thanks for your answer.


its not you the game just sucks

people try to say that old guys just cant evolve and just dis on new games is all it is and that is not true john choi valle ect have played every single game since sf2 and did extremely well all except sf5 chois said he doesnt even know anything about it he played and absolutely hated it.

im the same i play every street fighter game to a good level cvs2 ect even kofs but sf5 is just not a good game to me its all about trying to get close and use the new games trigger gimmicks to combo


Hi Juanrock! and welcome to the forums, I’m a new guy here too!

I’m not very good at the game either, but one thing that has improved my skill has been to look at what the opponent is doing and try to guess what does he do more often. I tend to start zoning with fireballs and see if the opponent has enough patience to play neutral or just jump over them and try to land a combo on me. If he jumps all the time then it’s more easy for me to anti-air because I don’t have to worry that much about neutral so I keep baiting him and placing myself at a tempting distance so he HAS to jump attack me. However if the opponent is smart he will surely stay on the ground and get close slowly and jump when I least expect it, you’ll have to watch out for that.

Last but not least, watch out for throws, as a rule of thumb, if your opponent is very close to you, and I mean VERY, it’s very likely that he’ll throw you, so either throw him before he does or tech throw. Also there’s people that like to hit one quick normal before throwing, empty jump then throw or do shimmies.

As I said you have to watch out for your opponents tendencies, that is to say, the things that he likes to repeat (his patterns) if you catch them quickly enough you’ll start to predict them!

Hope that helps! I don’t play Arcade too much so I can’t help you with that!