Cant play well in left side

edit: right side not left side.

Does people have problem with this to. When I have to fight on the right side of the screens there is things that are harder to do.

For exemple when using urien, on the left i can easily do cr.fierce tackle aegis etc, but on the right side, i mess up so much sometimes the tackle doesnt even come out. So on the right side i swich to cr.fierce headbutt aegies go on other side and etc.

also for exemple with denjin ryu, on the left side i can do shoryu denjin, but on the right side i have to swich to shoryu denjin. Yea it sounds very weird

anybody have or had problems like this and overcomed it? or is it just that im to used to fighting on the left side?


stop sucking

If you can do a hurricane kick and hadoken without any problems on the left side, it should be as simple on the right.

[:d::db::l:+:k: and :d::df::r:+:p: is the same as :d::df::r:+:k: and :d::db::l:+:p:, just different attack buttons. All in the mind]

No, nobody ever learned to use a joystick from both sides. EVARRR!

haha I lol’ed
images of pro players trying to jump over each other to get on the good side - hahaha.

just plug ur pad/stick into the player 2 slot and practice then…
its not that hard son.

man i do that, i admit, but not to a point where im forcing it.

Whenever you play, play on the left 'till you get that shit down. It’ll work, trust me. I know.

I know people who purposely try to cross up constantly to the side of their choice and it really affects their gameplay. No joke! Try not to be one of 'em and play on that left side!!!

just play hugo. seriously though, training mode is the answer to all of your problems.

I always assume good players have good atittudes.
Thats just pathetic, dont post. Stop sucking? ridiculous.

I generally had/have problems with this too, specifically supers. I think its hard if you rest your stick very close to yourself, your elbows need some space.

I’ve been playing for three years and I still can’t super on 1p side. Luckily I use Oro so I can just buffer his supers, but I can’t do resets for his 100% stun combo on 1p side.

Don’t be lazy like me, just hit up training 'til you don’t notice a difference anymore.

play me then.

it was a joke anyway lulz


A lot of people have this problem. The good news, or maybe its bad news, is it’s just a matter of practice.

ok I understand. Sf3 has alot to do with execution, i dont have this problem at all in CvS2.

You’ve never been to a big American tournament. Obviously.

Oh and stop sucking is the asshole way of saying…practice practice practice. Training mode till ur thumbs bleed. Get a good stick.

CVS2 definitely requires more execution overall than 3S. I played CVS2 competitively before 3S and it was obvious even then. 3S gives quite a bit more leniency for performing moves and cancels.

There are some things I can do on the left side that I have trouble doing on the right side, and vice-versa. After working with a joystick for around 3 or 4 months now? Frustrating, but it’s getting better.

The only thing I can personally say I still have trouble doing is qcf x 2 going from left to right, and qcb x 2 from right to left. I don’t know whether it’s a joystick thing, execution thing, or maybe both. Especially since I try doing Yun’s target combo then GJ from left to right, and it gets frustrating. But hey, just gotta keep workin at it.

I have the same problem on 1p side. But training mode is your best bet to train your hand movements. It get easier over time with enough practice.

just the fact that in 3s you have to do complicated links makes it harder then cvs2.

If anything, just practice consistantly til your hand naturally gets used to the motion, or try different grip methods to the stick. [This isn’t gonna sound right] --> I don’t recommend gripping the stick with all five of your fingers as I have seen plenty of people play horribly sloppy and in some cases, shake the whole cabinet from that crap. Just try your best to minimize all your movements to the smallest fastest motions possible. :tup: Good luck

OK, I understand novices having problems with either side,but come on… After three years you can’t super from P1 side consistently??? And I thought I sucked 'cause it took me like six months to learn inputs from both sides (well, just forced a lot of P2 side playing)…

OK, don’t wanna get to far offtopic, so I would like to repeat what many people have written before me: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE