Can't post or PM or anything on my laptop at home


hi guys, I dont know why, but on my laptop at home this website is very glitchy and buggy

just so you know, my laptop sucks and is a piece of 1995 crap. however, I can still roam the forums and login and do normal stuff as well.

it’s weird though, whenever I try to make a post, it will say “An error has occurred” with a red message. And then for some reason, I can TELL that it is buggy because when I make posts, my font is NOT in the default forum font, it is for some reason in Times New Roman. and usually when that happens, I get that strange error that doesnt work.

does this website have a low-quality version for crappy older computers?


I get this same error fairly often and I have a recent machine. I basically have to refresh until the text in the reply box shows up in the correct format before I can post successfully.


I have the same problem


Your computer is fine. Sometimes, SRK’s server overwhelms causing time-out and what not. Sometimes, you’ll get a blank page, an error display, and/or a message that the server isn’t up.


wow thats weird

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