Can't press 2 buttons at once on stick--symptom of....?


Hey all, been going to this site for a while though I’ve only posted a few times in a tech talk thread. First of all, thank you everyone that contributes to this community. I was a Computer Science major afraid that I’d forget the finer parts of my engineering background in circuitry and digital logic. This site has given me a great opportunity to have fun burning my fingers countless times on soldering irons (hey, I’m still learning) AND refresh my knowledge from yesteryear. You all rule! :woot:

I’ve got a modded Hori EX2 fightstick for the 360. It’s been working fine for months until just recently. For apparently no reason, I can no longer press two buttons simultaneously on the controller (Focus Attack, MP+MK in SF4). Both buttons work fine individually. The other button combinations work fine (taunt HK+HP, grab LK+LP, ultras with PPP KKK, etc.). It’s just this one combination that doesn’t work.

We followed a guide to mod the controller that required us to solder the new buttons’ contacts through holes on the PCB. The Medium Kick button had some issues that we fixed (the ring around the solder hole fell off so we had to solder a wire directly from one of the button’s pins directly to another point on the PCB that corresponded to that contact point). It’s been working fine until just today.

Has anybody had this problem before? Both buttons can be used in other combinations, but these two buttons can’t be used together. I tried to search the threads but between the INSANELY long search time and a lack of understanding of what the problem really is I didn’t find anything. If this has been discussed in another thread please kindly point me in the right direction and I’ll remove this post.



Sounds like the ground is bridged between those two points.


Once you figure out which end of the soldering iron to hold, it’s all downhill… :wink:

Seriously though, another possibility is the pcb could be going bad. I’d dig out the multimeter to make sure there aren’t any shorts, of course, but otherwise I blame the pcb.


I’m having the exact same problem, if anybody can offer a solution and a how-to, please help.

My problem is with lp and mp. And when I hold mp and lp and let go of mp I will get another lp to come out.