Cant seem to do a few combos/wrong move coming out

Ive been playing sf4 for a while and recently got a se stick. Ive been in practice mode and when trying to combo into a few ultras it seems like after I do the double qcf mothion and hit punch with for ex. ryu, i always seem to do a uppercut, or with abel I do his AA throw. I dont think I am hitting the button to early.
A lot of times it seems like it only really happens when I am facing left, which is the side I usually have a hard time doing combos towards. I try to practice on it but I usually cant seem to get Ryu’s to hado to come out either

Any tips?

Also I have looked in the tech threads a bit, and would a upgrade joystick help with a little more precise movements? I was planning on either upgrading the SE sooner or later anyway, or if I have the cash get a TE stick but Id rather just keep costs as low as possible.

after replacing the parts you’ll end up like $10-20 under a new TE anyways.

asides from that, its just practice. try turning on input display and seeing where it’s going wrong.
or honestly, it could be your buttons/stick dying now.

It depends on the combo, but you’re either hitting punch too early (causing a special move cancel instead of getting the ultra [although that would probably give you a super], releasing it to late (causing negative edge to give you a dp before you have completed the ultra motion), not hitting all 3 buttons (although again, that would probably give you a super depending on gauge settings), or a number of other things. It would be best to do like osiriskidd said and try looking at the input display and see what it says.

You’re probably hitting the punch button too early.

That or you’re not completing the motion and only going to the diagonal instead of forward.

You’re probably hitting :qcf::d::df: + :3p: or :d::df::d::df: + :3p:
Try :qcf::qcf::uf: + :3p: to make sure you’re hitting the forward motion
Or you could also just get used to the :qcf::qcf: + :3p: motion

It’s taking your time, go into training and turn on input display like everyone else said. Than practice pulling out moves slower, if you can successfully pull them out conescutively than your on your way. It is patience and constant practice, soon enough you’ll be pulling these out during rushdowns and punishing on a crunch.

Good luck.

I found a big difference when i switched out my stock SE parks for Sanwa. I would say get the TE if your gonna do that though cause TE’s are so cheap now anyway.

HIGHLY RECOMENDED for picking up a stick. It helped me a lot.

I was hella frustrated trying to pick up a stick because it felt like i had to re learn the game.

as far as gettin that double QCF motion down id spend a lil time before you start playing in the training room with input display on to see where the hurdle is. you can actually do it relatively slow and still have the super/ultra come out so start slow and speed it up when youre ready, then work it into a combo to seal the deal. in the end it all comes down to pounding it out and putting time in but its not as bad once you get it down.

WOOOOOORD. so easy to do too. The SE is easy as pie to open and all you do is litterally pop those out and pop these in. While youre workin on it you might even consider gettin yourown artwork goin. but im not gonna lie i saw a HUGE difference in changing from my SE to a TE

yea im still messing around with it. It also seems that I have a problem when I try to FADC into something that has the qcf motion I end up doing w/e move is the uppercut motion, but that may be me hitting it to early also. Thanks for the help in the thread. If anyone feels like beating me a little on live and maybe giving some pointers, my gt is YeTi Ci.

This transition to a stick is killing me lol, I was decent with a controller

only gets better with practice.


I WAS better on pad till i kept at it. Try to think of it this way. youve got 1000 errors of execution in you and you just need to hit the training room till you get them all outta your system. If i was on live id deff be down to play… well, my PS3 just YLOD on me so i wouldnt be able to play either way : (

either way once youre winnin and your execution is on point you will look back at this frustrating mess that is picking up stick and be glad that its over with. good luck man!