Can't seem to land a certain combo



So, i’ve been trying to do this combo:

j.MK (crossup) > c.MK > Upball

For some reason I can’t seem to do it properly…either the crossup or the Upball combos with the c.MK…not both…I can do the j.HK version just fine but this one gives me problems…is there a certain height that i’m supposed to crossup with?


I find that if you practice just doing the >upball until you get the timing perfect, it just sort of comes naturally. When you are doing cross-up MK and as you are coming down don’t mash the MK- time it so that it hits right and then link into the upball.


do both mk’s kinda late so you have the appropriate amount of charge.


If you’re using a stick, right after you hit up/forward to jump in that direction, hit down as soon as possible; it might help with charging.

I used to have trouble with this one as well. I read around here somewhere that the, up ball is a cancel. So you have to cancel the first frames of the into the up ball. Try to give enough time for the move to charge, and try inputting the up ball command as soon as the cr. mk connect.



You’re better off comboing into electricity. Quite a few characters can punish your upball on hit. IMO not worth it, unless you want to change the combo to this—–s.lp–(horizontal) ball–super OR instead of the super use a fadc.