Can't Seem to Pressure Well With Cammy + Having Issues Bringing my Training Mode Combos Online



So, when I get in as Cammy, I’m having issues applying constant pressure with block strings. It seems my normals always get stuffed out or after a few light attacks I’m out of range and if I walk back into normal range they are most likely mashing a normal that hits me as I’m walking up / crouching waiting for me to jump / or just somehow gets a DP out while i’m trying to keep up the pressure.

Also, in training mode I feel like I have good grasp on some links as well as some FADC combos but when I get online in real matches the opportunities where I can use combos seem non-existent so I end up just whiff punishing with–HK SA or Ultra 1. I can only get extended combos off if I land EX Divekick because the hit stun is so long and it’s very easy to land.


You can do an instant EX TKCS to catch crouch-techs and/or jabs so they will be afraid to hit buttons after a few hard punishes.

You have to be on point with your pressure: cr. LP x2, walk forward a tiny bit cl. st. MP works wonders with jab mashers…

Just my 2 cents…