Can't standing playing online but no other choice

am I the only one who feels that the online for this game is just so stupid? first you get randomed out all day, then the point system is so stupid, you win like 30 points a game, and can lose over 100 in the next, its so fucking stupid. and some of the people online are just. and its even worse playing in lag with guile. throws are unfucking techable and its just overall a stupid and fucking rage inducing experience. and at the end of the day what the fuck can most of us do about it? not a fucking thing. either stop playing the game or endure the stupid bullshit that is online. I just wanted to post this thread basically to ask what you guys do when all the stupid online shit happens. Cuz I really don’t have a choice to play locally, cuz there isn’t much of a scene in Calgary despite having Canada Cup here

Well, it certainly is kind of depressing sometimes, especially if you are not the most skilled player ever ( like me). But having endless matches with friends is nice and refreshing, I feel. With that in mind, from time to time I can stand playing ranked our random online endless lobbies.

btw: Thanks for adding me. Hopefully we will meet online soon and have a Guile mirror… :wink:

just add all ur calgary buddies. surely at least a few of them will be online when u play

yeah…all my friends play CoD so it kinda sucks there. You guys on psn?

if you have to play online don’t play for points. just play endless, practice your matchups, master your character. taking online remotely serious will just make you frustrated.

truth. i just can’t stand being in an 8 man endless waiting my turn

yeah, don’t do that either, just make a 1v1 lobby, someone will join within 5 minutes, and you’ll probably get a decent 5-10 matches in before they leave and you have to wait again.

I am up for anyone that wants to have fun. add me psn

Haha… Sure, Monsterer… Hope though you won’t die laughing playing against my shitty scrub Guile… :wink:


don’t you guys have weekly ranbats at CGY HQ???

i’m assuming that those replaced the weekly gatherings at Tubby Dog.

yeah uhm the thing is I’m only 14 >.> so y’know. No one would really talk to me. and its like other side of the city from me

I was only 16 when I went to my first casual in a bigger city, now at 17 I’m cool with them. You have to go out of your comfort zone.

Ask your folks. I take my 13 year old to offline events.

Naw man, people love it when younger players come out! I know how ridiculously much Calgary is spread out, but if you have any way of making the journey across, I promise it will be worth your time. The players in your city are really, really great guys.

dont get fooled by the number, that just means I play Guile and nothing else, after 1.5 years I now call my self decent with him.

One more thing to excuse myself is that I just recently switched from pad to stick. Lots of stuff is still difficult for me. But anyway, if you don’t mind that i will add you on PSN, and would like to have a couple of matches with you… :slight_smile:

Yeah man I’ll be on first thing as soon as I get back from the gym in about 2 hours and we can play. I wanna test out my viper too cuz I picked her up and learned some combos

ill be on, we can set a 3 men lobby
cya in 1 hr