Can't unbind buttons...what a major oversight

So, I have 3sOE for the PS3 and everything with my custom stick is cool. No need to unbind buttons. My friend has 3sOE for the 360 and everything with my custom stick is NOT cool. I require the ability to unbind buttons is necessary to play this game. Without PPP and KKK unbound, I have no forward button because of the way I piggybacked the 360 controller.

So, please Capcom…put this in please. Every other game on the market I can think of has this feature, yet you guys overlooked this on one of my favourite games. ;_;

Are you saying the buttons can’t be remapped?

They can be remapped, they just can’t be unmapped. I need to unmap 3P and 3K.

i agree, first thing i noticed when assigning buttons was that i couldn’t have 3p and 3k unassigned.

Some say that he doesn’t understand rebinding, and that he would probably be better served by posting in Tech Talk to see if he can rewire the 360 pad. All we know is, he’s called…

Lol thanks, but I’m just too damn lazy to wire it properly, that’s why I just hot glued them in place. It’s worked so far…until now.

Also, I just need a place to bitch…and hopefully the gods of Capcom actually look at this community.

Well i mean Was the whole point of this game not to Help the community. Im sure there will be patches fixing bugs and adding features Since balancing is out of the question …so they say. I mean if they plan to Release DLC and you know they do I am going to assume they plan to support the game(just a guess tho)