Can't unscrew the ball on SF4 SE

anyone eles having this problem? im using heavy force but still wont budge

I was wondering how the ball tops are replaced.


This is stupid even madcatz made it possible to not fix and replace it

So how? my hands almost have blisters

nvm got it off after 10mins trying

I’m going to assume the SE stick is a straight Sanwa knockoff – so here goes.

  1. Get a cloth and wrap it around the shaft of the joystick.
  2. Use pliers of some sort to keep a firm grip on the stick over the cloth layer.
  3. With one hand, twist the ball top off – with the other hand, twist the shaft the opposite way.

The amount of force you gain with the pliers is insurmountable to your fingers alone.

Edit: Oh god, I posted a minute after – I hate you. :smiley:

Or you could just remove the bottom and place a flathead screwdriver in that little notch at the end of the shaft. Kinda what it’s there for.