Cant unscrew the ball top off my SE Stick


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help with this little problem Im having…Im trying to replace my ball top with a bat top, but I can not unscrew the ball from the stick to save my life. I know from watching many youtube videos and reading guides here that all you have to do is get a flathead screwdriver and hold it in place while you unscrew the ball. But it is just not coming off. I have never touched it before, so I dont know if it was just screwed extremely tightly by Madcatz or something. I have tried holding the ball while trying to turn the screw but that doesnt work either…any ideas? I have been at this for the past hour. Thanks!


One person had to cut off the Shaft because the Ball Top wouldn’t come off.
So after cutting the Shaft, the person replaced Joystick with a Sanwa JLF.

The stock Mad Catz for some reason just wouldn’t come off for him. :sad:


Are you unscrewing in the right direction? If not, then you’re not applying enough strength.


I’ve seen and heard of some weird things with the insides of the TE/SE sticks. it’s possible that the put some locktite on the balltop threads. if you’re not worried about trashing the stock SE balltop and have (or access to) a bench vise. you could clamp down the balltop and see if you can get it to break loose.

or a bit of soft rubber, like those things they make for getting a jar lid off, just something to give you a better grip.


Thanks for the responses guys…I know Im twisting the ball counter clock-wise, so I dont think thats the issue. I would like to keep the ball and stick intact, as I am keeping the stock stick until I buy a new JLF in a couple of weeks…im not sure whats up with this ball lol…ill try the soft rubber, but any more advice will be appreciated!


a small shot of penetrating oil (WD-40 will work if you don’t have anything better around) and heat may loosen it up.


try one of these on the ball top.


If im not mistaken I believe your talking about my post

check there as well if all else fails do what i did good luck


Don’t hold onto the screwdriver and turn the ball, hold onto the ball and turn the screwdriver.

Might get you that extra bit of force you need to loosen it.


Yup, that was your Post SeeKay90 that I referred to.
You are not mistaken.

I would have pulled it up if I remembered what the Thread was.

Thank you.


If you have any paint thinner you can soak it in that for a while, if it wasn’t the red locktight it should come off after an hour of soaking with grip pliers around the shaft while turning the balltop.


thanks guys…more tips welcomed


old t-shirt + vice-grips + firm grip on balltop (twisting in counter-clockwise direction…) might work well


That’s what I did except I used pliers instead of vice grips. Same concept though. Still put up one hell of a fight though.


Thanks…rubber grip didnt work…Ill try pliers, and if not maybe paint thinner…Im so mad because not only I cant put my bat top, but i also cant put my new octo gate in as well since the damn stock gate wont come out either after trying for hours. I saw some tips in a thread about it as well. Just not my day I guess


locktite on the se? talk about no tampering…


I finally got it off by using pliers on the stick and just twisting the ball off after a 10 minute struggle. Luckily the pliers didnt mess up the stick that much. Thanks for the help guys