Can't view posts following embedded videos

For every thread that I see with a embedded video posted, I can’t see anything after it. In one thread, I asked a person to edit out a video, and that didn’t do anything but make it more confusing. When a video gets posted as such, all the posts below it are invisible and I can’t new posts on that page, but can on subsequent pages.

Here is an example of the issue in general.

I’m using Firefox 4 and I tried IE 7 or 8 last night and had the same problem. I don’t have this issue on Tapatalk, but I do have the issue of not seeing anything on previous pages such that the previous pages are just “repeats” of the last page.

Not only can you not view posts, you can’t even view any text in the SAME post following an embedded video. Has something to do with the new forums automatically converting Youtube links to embeds.

I now seem to be getting it where it occurs randomly. Some times, I can see the rest of a page’s posts after the embedded video and other times I can’t.

Seems to random on this end as well. The majority of the time the posts are invisible, but on a refresh the posts may sometimes show up.

I am unable to replicate the issue. Post a screenshot?

Same as this problem:

I even turned NoScript off, and Adblock is off as well.

Works FINE in Google Chrome AND IE9

I get this problem as well. Using firefox 4.

This also happens with Firefox 5.0 beta. Safari 5.0.5, Opera 11.11 and Google Chrome 12.something are fine.

Yup getting the same thing. So odd.

I have to use NoScript and forbid to avoid the issue. Obviously not an ideal fix.

having the same problem with firefox. really annoying. refreshing the page will sometimes randomly work.

I have the same issue when using Firefox 4.01. Blocking Youtube with NoScript fixes it as Cryoh said.
The problem doesn’t occur in Chromium 12.

I suffer from the same problem. I set up a custom noscript rule to disable embedding on SRK, but I’d rather not have to use it.

Mind sharing that?

So yeah this is getting annoying, having to refresh a lot of times to make a page displays properly…

No fix yet? Besides forbidding YT…

I’d like that as well, since forbidding and allowing is getting annoying.

I notice this doesnt happen on chrome but i like staying on one browser for everything…(Firefox)

Same here

If you forbid in NoScript it will load the pages fine. You will have to enabled video embeds on a case by case basis.

Other minor things don’t work with it forbidden though. Thread section highlights, rich text, etc.