Cant win because of the game itself


I just played a couple of endless battles that made me hate this game.

1: having the life lead as dudley vs vega and seeing him gol for bloody high claw. Assuming because he is coming from the upper right corner i crouchblock appriopatly.

The game however thought that this was the time for a crossup and a game costing one.
Needless to say i ragequitted hard.

2: As adon playing against a rose who just threw out slides into throws (not sure what the game makers were thinking about throws going straight threw medium punches).
Ragequitted also.

  1. My Guy vs Rufus: God i hate his EX-JESUS kick and his broken dive kick. his moveset is redeciouslly safe too!.

I have no idea how to keep enjoying this game on a fightpad or how i can inprove at all. Nearley broke my fightpad because i lost to yet another B+ Ryu player.

Any advice?


Don’t cry