Canto/yahsticks Custom Cases (NEW TE EDITION STYLED CASE)

Yahsticks Custom Arcade Sticks

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TE Style Custom Arcade Case


  • Similar size, weight, and exact layout as Madcatz TE edition.
  • Outer wood made of poplar. Inner panel made of birch (very comfortable and strong).
  • Lexan top; 250x stronger than glass.
  • Due to closeness of layout: ONLY TAKES SNAP INS!
  • Rounded routed edges and smooth feel.
  • Top button holes are for 24mm screw ins.

Price: $60 SHIPPED

Every case comes with 4 rubber feet and mounting screws for the JLF. You must use the JLF mounting plate with my cases.

PM me with your Zip Code to get shipping estimate. May be slightly less or slightly more, the stores never give the same estimate.

Any questions? Just ask! My AIM is dynamismV
My email is
My website is: Yahsticks Custom Arcade Sticks

These look super nice, but I already have a custom stick on the way from Lazeeya. Though, if I ever decide to throw my own stick together you may be the guy!

Thats cool dude! Yeah Lazeeya’s sticks are beast.

Thats so clean. But how much do they cost for a 360 stick?

And do you do just plain colors?

Interested in the case that isn’t spoken for, but…how much is it?

Right now I don’t do full customs, I only sell casses. You have to suplly your own PCB and joystick parts. I only sell the boxes to put them in!
I do stains. I don’t do painting because I’ve tried a couple of times painting sticks and it has always never come out the way I want it. BUT! I stain sticks pretty good and only charge $10 for it and enjoy doing it! If you want me to mix stains that would be actually a cool idea!

Someone PMed me saying they wanted it, but have yet to respond or pay for it. If by tomorrow morning I don’t receive payment for it I’ll have it up for sale. My stained cases will be around $75. The one you’re asking about will be $75.

$75 before shipping I expect?

also, any clue where quality PCB’s can be obtained :wink:

Hey guys!
I’m just finishing up the 2 cases that I just sold recently. Hopefully by this weekend I will have 3 more cases up for grabs! Just wait a bit longer!

I’ve been getting some emails and suggestions, and on my next batch of cases (I’m hoping to make around 8 of them) I’ll be putting the start, select, and home button on the side of the case.
I’m going to make it just a little under flush of the case so that you won’t hit it accidently but have to reach inside sorta to hit it.

Oh yes! I also got a router! I’ll be experimenting with making super cool edges on the cases!

with the appropriate tools it looks like you will be well on your way!

3 new cases added.

Subbed for the next batch with holes on the side!

can i please reserve a slot for strained case?
i’d prefer a case for the ps3 with bombay mahogany stain.

1 left. #5 unfinished now only $60.

When are you planning to make the cases with the side mounted select/start/home buttons?

I will take that last case if my money goes in on the 20th, thats if your willing to ship to the UK. I hope its still available then. Nice work Canto :smile:

Well the next week or 2 is exams week… and right now I’m writing so many papers so I don’t think I’ll get to it till the beginning of May.

I’d have to get the quote for shipping, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah it is still available! :lovin:

Nice colors on those.

Any cases to sell. Im interested in a stained one.


I’ll have some by next week guys I’ll keep ya updated! Been busy with finals and school and stuff.

can you ship to UK? Also how exactly has the astro city layout been modified?