Canton OH: Go easy on us


-We meet every Thursday night
Fox N Hound-in Belden Village
-Private room from 5pm-2am
-Sorry kids, 21 and over after 9pm

-We have set ups for:
-Sometimes a random diversion

-Players of varying skill levels
-Some are pretty beast
-Some… not so much





Alright, so now Canton finally has a dedicated thread on SRK. Use this thread to discuss meeting dates/places, events, share personal info, ask questions, blah blah blah… as long as it is relatively related to the Canton scene. At present we are meeting up once a week for casuals, but we do plan on getting ranbats and tournaments going eventually. We are trying to meet people who share the same goals: to get better at competitive fighting games, and to grow our small community into something bigger and better.


Player Database


Name: Jeff
Age: 26
Location: Jackson twp
XBL: Zippo MastR
PSN: Zippo_MastR

Name: Dustin (Little-D)
Age: 19
Location: Canal Fulton
PSN: Dustinrawr

Name: Heather
Age: 24
Location: North Canton
XBL: Secretsof2113 (Silver only)

Name: Stephen
Age: 23
Location: Massillon
XBL: Naki Feralkin

Name: Dustin (Big-D)
Age: 23
Location: Canal Fulton
PSN: ssbigdaddy76

Name: Dylan (just call me Morris)
Age: 16
PSN: Nihiloda

Name: Chase
Age: 18
Location: North Canton
XBL: Minntyy

Name: David
Age: 19
Location: Canal Fulton
XBL: forpersent

Name: Kyle
Age: 22
Location: Canton
XBL: prorook

Name: Matt
Age: 21
Location: North Canton
XBL: Tokarth

Name: Matt
Age: 28
Location: Canton
XBL: U Volt
PSN: U-Volt

Name: Edward
Age: 22
Location: Canton
PSN: EdwardTheThird

Name: Nate
Age: 22
Local: Canton
PSN: Fryrish

Name: Matt
Age: 30
Location: Canton
PSN: Oberoni


Currently we are getting together every Thursday at Fox N Hound in Belden Village. We have a (semi)private room from 5pm-2am. Normally we have 10-20 people showing up and three or four systems set up. Good games, good beer, good food, good times, come out.

Again, if you are new post up your info and introduce yourself, or just show up some Thursday night and play.

Ok guys its all yours, go crazy:rock:

All this post are belong to me

Never thought I’d see this thread, haha.
So I think we’ve probably scavenged most of the players we could out of Canton, but if someone out there is being a lurker then come play some games with us. We really do have a very wide range of players, but it seems like everybody is interested in leveling up.
I’m planning on hosting some ssf4 training sessions every week until we’re ready to take on Cleveland, then Cbus, then Pittsburgh :]

Also, you can add my cousin…pretty sure hes planning on showing up when he can
Name: Matt
Age: 21
Location: North Canton
XBL: Tokarth

i’d be interested in playing you guys online sometime. GT’s to the left, i think i’ll be playing tonight.

Kyle, training sessions would be awesome, and you are definitely the guy to learn from. You planning on doing these on Mondays or do you have something else in mind?

I’m down to play online sometime, however I’m mainly on wed and thurs mornings. Hardly ever at night anymore. I’ll send a friend request in a little bit.

My place is about 35-45 min from Canton – we play on Wednesdays if you guys ever want to come down. We’ve been traveling for fighters and have been high-level for a long time so if you want to learn about SF2, 3s, Marvel, KOF, Tekken, XvSF let us know :wink: Meantime good luck with your scene guys.

Any chance you cousin goes by the handle “Creamy Johnson”? If not I’m fairly sure someone is getting their lulz on the other site lol.

Double post

I’m just gonna have like a half hour or so training session every monday I think. I’ll go over stuff like OS teching, plinking, blockstring mixups, shit like that. Once they get the idea then they can practice on their own time I think. I just dont really like seeing people play the game and develop bad habits because they dont know any better. It would have saved me months if I had somebody showing me the ropes instead of having to figure out how to play at a high level by myself and srk.

Thanks man. I might be taking a trip so you guys can teach me how to parry in 3s if I lose another match next monday D:
I’ve also kinda been looking at tekken because I’m all about the mathey, frame counting, risk/reward side of things…seems like it a perfect game for me from what I’ve seen. Hows the tekken scene now anyway? It seems like pretty much everything is considered a niche game besides ssf4 now.

Cool name, but nope; my cousin was the one playing some sf4 with little dustin and playing some 3S as well, if you didn’t already know. I said he’ll show up when he can because his work schedule is whack.

Yeah I knew who he was at the last session I just wondered if he was going around calling himself “creamy Johnson” lol. I guess someone from twinsburg is having a laugh then.

We still meeting on monday??

I’ll be there. I think at least a couple of people will show. If you come out, can you still bring that PCB with you?

EDIT: Also, Roman won’t be able to get there until 7 or later. So we will be short one setup until then. Were you planning on bringing yours?

I can bring my junky tv and my 360, but I need someone to bring a copy of the game for me.

See you guys tomorrow :slight_smile:

Got you covered.

Alrighty thanks, I"ll see you guys tonight.

Also, I know no one really plays, but if anyone ever wanted I could bring a melee or brawl set up. I just don’t wanna go through the trouble if no one wants to play.

Stephen and Heather both play I think. Nick likes smash too but he doesn’t really play competitively though. You might want to ask the next time we have a full group and see if there are any takers.

I’m one of the few people in Cleveland who actually likes Blazblue (I like GG a lot more but i’m still in the process of learning that.) so I may truck out there once CS drops.

Good games tonight guys. It was nice to see some new faces showing up to play as well. On the down side, I’m missing my copy of ssf4. It was in the case on the table near the right door. It was the table that a lot of us were putting our bags and other stuff on so I think someone just picked it up without thinking about it. So if any of you find an extra copy, you know who it belongs to. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah please check your game cases or something…I know a couple people peaced out a little early so I’m assuming they have it somewhere.

Anyway, this is awesome. I didn’t really expect too much to come out of canton, but everything is shaping up pretty nicely. We have some great competition at all skill levels right now, and people from out of town are showing up for some great games as well.

I’m not really sure when or how to do these training session things I keep talking about, but if anybody is interested in learning by themselves then check out
(especially the vids by systran)
I’d basically just be going over these one by one, so I dunno if hogging a monitor on a monday is a good idea when its easier to just level up at home. I mean, my cousin hasn’t really touched a fighting game and doesn’t even have ssf4, but he’s winning some games on mondays because he did a little bit of homework :tup:

Sooooo… I’m feeling a little sheepish now. I would seem that I left my copy of SSF4 in my xbox at home, and only took the empty case last night. So someone definitely has the case for it. I’m not all that worried about the case, but if you notice an extra one laying around, I’ll take it back.