Cap.Com baby proj:



I was just curious to see if any body really uses this attack which is d,df,f+lk+fp. The proj is kind of slow but it gives commando great recovery time to attack during the missle. So anyone use it besides me?


I use that move occasionally for…

  • low-budget assist protection

  • a compliment to an assist (usually projectile)

  • to try to throw a wrench into an opponent’s SJ-based keepaway (time so that they have to block the missle when they come down; seize the opportunity to advance/get your own momentum going). Usually vs. Storm, Doom or BH.

That’s about the only use I have for it.


Interesting, but believe it or not alot of Capcom players don’t even know about this attack or have forgotten how to use it.
I guess some haven’t found a true purpose for it. I choose to use it simoutaniously with my assist that way I can decide what my next move is.:lol:


So, you prefer my use #2 listed above… I like that application too. Works great against single hit, non-beam projectiles.

Problem is… when’s the last time you found yourself up against that? :lol:

I don’t think people have forgotten about it… it’s just that the move doesn’t really do anything the other two ‘command assist’ moves don’t do better &/or with less recovery.

Horizontal typhoon owns up the missle. So does HSF. Mag will have dashed around this speedbump of a move & have a couple reps of some standard infinite done before the missle even leaves the screen…

…and if you try it on Cable, then you deserve all 100+ hits of the AHVBs you’re gonna eat…

It’s an OK move, but it’s slow & easily hopped over.


I agree with all the above of what u said including the part about cable however as far as basically jumping over it, Yes that’s what I would like for them to do if they have no hyper bar or air super cause like I said Commando does get to move with this attack unlike with the ninja and knife mummy.


i always thought it was used to diss the opponent. if i wanted to complement my assist, i use tiger knee captain fire. its faster and safer.

that way if they super jump they get hit by the fire, if they try and dash they get hit by sentinel drones.

is there actually a use for this move


i remember one time Sin picked that assist on accident, but still beasted on everyone with like 10 wins haha


Next time, please post this in the CapCom thread insted of making a whole new thread^_^ K, thanks:)


I actually use the baby special once in a blue moon as a means of stopping a rushdown attack. You have to do it b4 they even start to dash down at you though. The baby’s machine actually takes the hit and they’ll still get hit by the missile. Other than that I only use it with my blackheart anti-air just to keep the opponent guessing.