Cap unblockables w/ Super Double Jump?



Just throwing out an idea.

Normal jumps and super jumps both affect the camera in different ways. A normal jump will pull the camera to about the lower torso level of most characters, but super jumps pull it well over their head, making them unseen.

Cap’s double jump has a seriously fast fall speed. Super jump + double jump at min height = assist high/low shenanigans?

Call a low hitting assist like Deadpool’s Quick Work or Wesker’s Samurai Edge and do this, but come down with quick L’s or something else? I think you have a seriously bootleg Cap unblockable with proper timing. Cap falls extremely fast so you try to react to the air move, but the low assist pretty much isn’t seen. The only thing I’d wonder about is locking them down long enough to call the assist and jump. Even then, maybe something like Anti-Ground kick would just blow up an attempt to stop you coming down. Or you just get super’d + happy birthday’d for your attempts at trying to make Cap go above mid-tier.

Obviously the super jump isn’t necessary, but not being able to see the assist itself plus Cap coming down with javelin speed could confuse you.

Haven’t tested out the whole “unblockable” thing, but the super jump mixups have served me well for now.

Thoughts? Have I found something new? Is this old shit? Is this the ramblings of a Cap player gone desperate trying to make him better?


I like the idea of getting the camera off the character but here are a few things to consider (which I don’t know if you have overlooked):

  1. You can’t call assists during super jump (then again you did say that a normal double jump should be fine)
  2. Cap doesn’t have any jump cancellable moves on block to make this work during pressure
  3. A follow on from 2, opponents would then have plenty of time to move so they probably would avoid it.

I do like it but going for unblockables sounds like it is really hard to set up and is very gimmicky. What about since double jump makes you fall faster, you use something like Ammy assist to keep them in block stun then there is a much harder to block high/low mixup where you can go for double jump into anti ground kick or empty jump into cr.L? Something to mess about with in the lab later today I guess.


I was thinking it could be applied after a knockdown.

The only assist I’ve tried it with is Quick Work, which is slow to start, but the super double jump actually happens pretty fast. I think Anti Ground Kick/j.dH most likely would work better because the hitbox is big enough to hit early into Cap’s decent.

Still, this is 90% theory.

Cold Star & other lockdown assists would probably would be better for general mixups. How many low hitting assists are in the game anyways?